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Prosci open enrollment Change Management Webinars are an exciting forum where you can learn from change management experts, share your own experiences and discuss cutting edge change management issues with peers. The webinars are a great first step toward effectively managing change. Attend alone or invite others from your organization to join you.

* February 2015 - two special webinars to help you build buy-in and commitment. Each webinar will be offered on Wednesday at 11:00 AM Eastern Time (New York time) and again on Thursday at 4:00 PM Eastern Time (New York time). The webinars last 60 minutes followed by up to an additional 15 minutes of Q&A. Click any of the times in the calendar to see your local time.

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Webinar descriptions:

Succeeding at Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Change Management

The Oil & Gas industry uses upstream, midstream and downstream to characterize the work done in its industry. Does change management follow a similar structured? This webinar presents three streams of change management work and how you can succeed in each. Upstream is: how do I gain commitment to change management on the project? Midstream is: how do I do change management on the project? Downstream is: how do I evaluate how well I did change management and leverage this work forward? This exciting new webinar presents upstream, midstream and downstream as a way for you to think about and improve your change management work.

Building Organizational Change Capabilities

In today's environment, few core competencies are as important as how change is managed. Leading organizations are beginning to invest the time and energy into institutionalizing change management and building organizational capabilities and competencies. But, it takes more than a vision and “want to” to build a change capability. Enterprise Change Management (ECM) is about applying structure and intent to build change capabilities. This webinar presents an overview on building organizational change capabilities using the Project ECM framework – an approach for treating and managing the effort to embed change management as a project and as a change.

Determining Your Organization’s Change Management Maturity

What is your organization’s level of maturity in change management? In 2004, Prosci first released the Change Management Maturity Model, describing five different levels of organizational maturity in managing the people side of change. That model has been extended to a full-blown Maturity Model Audit that allows you to determine your organization’s overall maturity and your maturity in five key Capability Areas: Leadership, Application, Competencies, Standardization and Socialization. This webinars introduces the framework and tool to help you understand where you are today and where you can advance the change management discipline in your organization.

Engaging Project Managers in Change Management: Three Approaches

You know the ins and outs of change management. But you cannot contribute to the success of an initiative if you cannot engage the project teams and leaders you work with. This new webinar presents three approaches for engaging project managers in change management. Learn how the context you set, words you use and questions you ask can build buy-in and commitment for change management with even the most skeptical project managers.

Presenting the ROI of Change Management in Context

Steven Covey once said, “priority is a function of context.” To effectively and engagingly present the value of change management, it is essential that you tell the story in context – the context of organizational value and initiative success. This new webinar provides tips, suggestions and a tour of the new Prosci CMROI Calculator that enable you to shift the conversation and add context when telling the story of the need for change management. The question shifts from “what is the value of change management?” to “what portion of project success depends on the people side of change?”

Stop Talking About "What You Do" and Start Talking About "What You Deliver"

If you have ever needed more buy-in and commitment to change management; if you have ever been challenged about the value and importance of change management; if you are tired of being the last on the agenda and the first off the agenda – don’t miss this webinar. In this webinar, learn how to gain credibility and commitment by changing how you talk about change management. By shifting from talking about “what you do” to talking about “what you deliver” – you can earn a permanent seat at the table and show the value of change management within the context of project success.


Download the Prosci Webinar User Guide for instructions on the webinar platform Prosci is using in 2014. The GoToWebinar platform offers a number of advantages including:

  • Option to listen to webinars over your computer speakers, instead of having to dial in
  • Local dial-in numbers for numerous countries - not just a U.S. number for connecting on the phone
  • Ask questions during the webinar and get immediate answers from an analyst with a chat function
  • More interactivity including real-time polls to see what others think


Prosci change management webinars are available in Australia and the United Kingdom to service local time zones around the world.

Country Time Zone Provider Website
Australia GMT +11 Being Human Being Human Webinars
United Kingdom GMT CMC Partnership CMC Webinars



"The takeways are great! The information was presented clearly and based on sound research.
I was very impressed and look forward to additional webinars."

"Excellent - truly added value to my CM knowledge base."

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"The seminar was very direct, simply put and appropriate. The real examples shared helped to flesh out the theory. It is always exciting to share what others are doing and their experiences."

"Fantastic - extremely relevant to several projects at my workplace and answers questions about resistance and roles of executive and sponsors."

"Great responses to real life (questions) issues and suggestions for implementation of change management."

"It's great having an opportunity to network with others who are facing similar challenges with implementing effective change management [AND] the take- aways are excellent."

"The leaders demonstrated excellent knowledge and expertise -- very practical advice immediately usable."

"I've been joining from Germany and although it's already very late in my evening and I've already been working for the last 12 hours, every minute was worthwhile listening."




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