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From obstacles to advocates:

The six key research findings for enabling managers to become great change leaders

You might think that overcoming resistance to change with managers and supervisors is one of your most important challenges during change. The first two findings from the 2007 Best Practices in Change Management benchmarking report actually support this assumption:

Finding 1: Over half of the participants in the latest change management study cited mid-level mangers and front-line supervisors as the most resistant groups to change in the organization.

Finding 2: Poor support and lack of alignment with "middle management" was listed as one of the top three obstacles to change.

But that is not the end of the story. Overcoming resistance from managers is just the beginning of a blueprint for successful change. Take a look at the next four research results:

Finding 3: An employee's immediate supervisor was a preferred sender of change messages in terms of communicating about change.

Finding 4: Engaging managers and supervisors as effective communicators was number two on the list of what participants would do differently next time in regards to communication.

Finding 5: Involving supervisors as resistance managers was the number two tactic for managing resistance with employees.

Finding 6: An employee's direct supervisor was cited as the most effective provider of reinforcement during change.

These last four findings cause us to take a step back and consider how effectively we've engaged managers as leaders of change. Managers are one of the most important allies in making projects and initiatives come to life. They interact constantly with the employees whose day-to-day work is impacted by the particular solution, and their role is crucial when it comes time for the change to be adopted throughout the organization - i.e. when benefits are actually realized.


Role of managers in times of change

The 2007 benchmarking study also looked deeper into the role of managers in times of change. Participants were asked to identify the most critical roles managers and supervisors should play when changes are being introduced into the organization. The top five responses were:

  1. Communicate with direct reports about the change (Communicator)

  2. Demonstrate support for the change (Advocate)

  3. Coach employees through the change process (Coach)

  4. Engage with and provide support to the project team  (Liaison)

  5. Identify and manage resistance (Resistance manager)

Through their words and their actions, managers can mobilize employees around a change to how they do work - improving the level and speed of adoption. Or, conversely, they can be a significant barrier and impediment to your change.

The importance of managers in times of change is clear, and there is a growing body of knowledge around the role that mangers and supervisors play in times of change. The critical question is: How well are you preparing your managers and supervisors to be great leaders of change?


Prosci's new Change Management Guide for Managers provides step-by-step instructions, tools and guidelines for supporting employees through change. Designed specifically for managers and supervisors, the toolkit provides a comprehensive process for applying ADKAR, communicating and managing resistance and using Prosci new change management process for managers.

Find out more about the new toolkit

Review the compete table of contents

Download the toolkit Overview

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Treating managers first as employees experiencing change

Prosci's new Change Management Process for Managers and Supervisors tackles this problem head on. A manager who is resistant to a change cannot effectively lead their people through that change. This seemingly simple observation has tremendous impact and consequences when overlooked in organizations. In fact, it is often overlooked as project teams get caught up in the technical activities of designing and installing a solution.

The degree to which you are able to engage managers and supervisors is directly tied to the benefits your project will deliver to the organization. Prosci's new Change Management Process for Managers and Supervisors (shown below) is a research-based approach to mobilizing this critical group. By following the process, you will be able to effectively:

  • Demonstrate the importance of your managers

  • Set expectations around their role

  • Build their support and buy-in for the initiatives underway

  • Give them the tools they need to support their direct reports

  • Help them build their competency as "great leaders of change"


To be continued: Next week we take a closer look at how this process and the associated tools can be used to engage your managers in the change process.

Prosci's Change Management Process for Managers and Supervisors

Next week: an in-depth look at the Preparing yourself for change and Leading employees through change steps in the Change Management Process for Managers and Supervisors



Prosci's newest offering - the 2008 Change Management Guide for Managers

Toolkit overview:

The new Change Management Guide for Managers is an action-oriented toolkit designed specifically for managers and supervisors, providing them with a structured process for leading change with their employees. The step-by-step guide includes group and individual coaching activities, communication templates, best practice findings and tools for managing resistance.

Find out more about the new toolkit

Review the compete table of contents

Download the toolkit Overview

Toolkit tabs:

  • Tab 1 - Overview
  • Tab 2 - Understanding changes underway
  • Tab 3 - Adapting to change
  • Tab 4 - Developing change management competencies
  • Tab 5 - Introducing change to your employees
  • Tab 6 - Managing employees through the transition
  • Tab 7 - Reinforcing change and celebrating successes

Additional reference materials included with the
Change Management Guide for Managers:

  • ADKAR: a model for change in business, government and our community paperback book
  • Employee's Survival Guide to Change paperback book
  • 10 ADKAR Worksheets
Tools and worksheets included in the
Change Management Guide for Managers:
  • Change summary worksheet
  • Understanding change worksheet
  • Personal viewpoint worksheet
  • ADKAR assessment
  • Competency assessment
  • Awareness-building plan template
  • Key messages outline
  • ADKAR profile worksheet
  • Change development plan template
  • Group summary worksheet
  • ADKAR questionnaire
  • Top-10 action steps for managing resistance
  • Training needs assessment
  • Fostering ability worksheet
  • Reinforcing change checklist
  • Employee feedback template

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Quantity discounts apply when you order copies for a group of your managers or supervisors

2-5 copies: 10% discount
6-50 copies: 15% discount
51-500 copies: 20% discount



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Tools for applying change management:

  • Change management certification ($2800)- 3-day program where you bring a project you are working on and apply all of the assessments and tools as you learn them - taught by former Fortune 500 executives at locations across the U.S.
  • Best Practices in Change Management benchmarking report ($289) - journal-style report with lessons learned and best practices from 650 participants, presented in an easy-to-use format - reads as a checklist of what to do and what not to do
  • Change Management Toolkit ($389) - hardcopy 3-ring binder presenting Prosci's change management methodology; includes templates, checklists and assessments for managing the people side of change (includes USB drive)
  • Change Management Guide for Managers and Supervisors ($189) - tools to help supervisors engage and coach their direct reports through change (includes 4 copies of the Employee's Survival Guide)
  • Change Management Pilot 2008 ($449) - online tool including Prosci's change management methodology, eLearning modules and downloadable templates, assessments, presentations and checklists
  • Change Management Pilot Professional 2008 ($559) - the content of the Change Management Pilot plus additional benchmarking data and an online version of the Change Management Guide for Managers and Supervisors
  • Change Management: the people side of change ($18.95) - a primer that addresses why manage change, individual change management and organizational change management for anyone involved in organizational change
  • Employee's Survival Guide to Change ($14.95) - a handbook to help employees survive and thrive during change; answers frequently asked questions and empowers employees to take charge of change


*** Prosci also offers leadership packages - groupings of products at discounts that offer you some of the most helpful and common combinations of Prosci change management resources


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