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What does "change agility" look like?
11 Elements of an Organizational Change Capability

Punch line: Envision your organization's change capability. Learn which elements are commonly cited by change management practice leaders at Prosci's ECM Boot Camp when they envision the future state of a change competent organization.

Over the last decade, the discipline of change management has emerged and evolved. What was once an ad hoc approach consisting of perhaps a communication plan and training plan has grown into a discipline driven by structure, rigor, process and deliverables. Leading organizations are now beginning to make the shift from applying change management in a project-by-project fashion toward institutionalizing and embedding change management and to build a true organizational capability.

Prosci calls this effort Enterprise Change Management (ECM) and has released a suite of tools to support change management practice leaders who are undertaking this effort (download the Prosci ECM Suite Brochure).

A major challenge change management practice leaders face is getting clear and concrete about what they are trying to achieve. With this in mind, Prosci's ECM Boot Camp and ECM Roadmap place a significant emphasis on defining the future state.

One exercise to support this effort is "standing in the future" - articulating how your organization would look and operate in three years when you have built an organizational capability in managing change. This tutorial presents eleven of the most common elements of a change capability, as identified by ECM Boot Camp attendees over the past year.

Prosci's ECM Boot Camp is a one-day workshop for change leaders who want to succeed in institutionalizing change management. Upcoming ECM Boot Camps (seats are limited):
  • April 16, 2015 - Las Vegas, NV
  • May 12, 2015 - Chicago, IL
  • Sept 22, 2015 - Denver, CO
  • Oct 15, 2015 - Portland, OR
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"If you're serious about achieving true change management as one of your core organizational competencies, then find a way to get to this course."

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11 elements of an organizational change capability

The "standing in the future" exercise is about envisioning what would we  would observe when an organization has built a change management capability. Below is a list of the eleven most common attributes identified by attendees of Prosci's ECM Boot Camp - a one-day workshop on building organizational capability (seats still available in the September 10, 2013 session in San Francisco - learn more or download the registration form).


1. We consistently meet and exceed expectations in change: For change initiatives happening in our organization, we routinely meet project ROI targets, our stakeholder expectation, our customer expectations and our shareholder expectations.

2. We are able to handle the change our organization is experiencing: Organizations are increasingly facing change saturation. An organizational change management capability increases capacity and reduces change disruption.

3. We (all employees) expect change and are excited by it and engaged in it, not fearful of it: Change agility, and an appetite for change permeates the organization and all employees.

4. We all see "leading change" as part of our job; we have the skills to do it and we are measured on how well we do it: Employees throughout the organization have internalized their role in leading change and have the skills to excel.

5. We share a common language for change: Employees throughout the organization have developed a shared change vocabulary.

6. We have a standard change management methodology and full set of tools to support its common and consistent application: The organization has adopted and deployed a common approach with is used on all projects.

7. We appropriately budget for and resource change management on all projects: On each project, dedicated resources and change management budget that match the change management need are available.

8. We have change management present at the start of every project: End user impact is included in project definition, people side risk is evaluated and change management activities are part of the project initiation process.

9. We have integrated change management into the project management approach and our improvement processes and systems: Change management activities are integrated and embedded in the project management methodology. Improvement systems - such as Continuous Process Improvement, Strategic Planning, Lean Six Sigma - all have change management present.

10. We have created an organizational footprint for change management: At the individual level, the organizational footprint includes job roles and career paths. At the organizational level, the footprint could include a Change Management Office, a Community of Practice, a Center of Excellence, or change agent networks.

11. We are measuring the impact of change management and are showing the Return on Investment of managing the people side of change: Metrics for adoption and usage are established upfront and are measured during and after the project goes live.



As the pace, amount and importance of change continues to increase, building an organizational change management capability will be one of the most important core competencies for organizations in the future. However, building change agility takes more than "want to" - it requires a structured and intentional approach. The eleven future state elements presented above - and the exercise of defining the future state - are critical to the successful journey of becoming more agile as an organization. Where is your organization today, and which elements will you work toward in the coming months?

Prosci's ECM Boot Camp provides you with the tools, guidance and support to build your customized roadmap for creating change agility. Learn more or download the registration form - seats are still available for Sept 10, 2013 in San Francisco, CA.


Prosci ECM Suite

Released in 2012, the Prosci ECM Suite is unique in the marketplace. Based on benchmarking and development over seven years, the Prosci ECM Suite provides change management practice leaders with research, tools and processes for institutionalizing change management and building a true organizational capability.

ECM Boot Camp:

ECM Roadmap:

Prosci Change Management
Maturity Model Audit:

One-day workshop for creating your strategy and plans for institutionalizing change management. Learn more.

Upcoming sessions:

April 16, 2015 - Las Vegas, NV

May 12, 2015 - Chicago, IL

Sept 22, 2015 - Denver, CO

Oct 15, 2015 - Portland, OR

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1. The What and Why
2. Prosci Change Management
Maturity Model Audit
3. Project ECM

Online instructional guide with a structured process and full set of tools for creating your strategy and plans for institutionalizing change management. Learn more.

24 downloadable tools, templates and worksheets and 18 sections of Prosci's benchmarking report.

Price: $479
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Included as part of the materials of the ECM Boot Camp

Web-based self-assessment providing quantitative analysis to understand where your organization currently is on the path to developing a change management capability. Learn more.

Maturity evaluated by assessing 50 factors within five Capability Areas: Leadership, Application, Competencies, Standardization, Socialization

Price: $30/month or $300/year
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3 months of access is included as part of materials of the ECM Boot Camp









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Prosci Change Management Certification

"Amazing: these three days are going to save me
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Program highlights:

  • Learn the methodology through practical application to your current project
  • Learn from experienced executive instructors
  • Become part of a change management community
  • Earn 2.4 CEUs, 24 PDUs and 23.5 HRCI recertification credits
  • Walk away with products and course materials worth over $1000

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Upcoming sessions:

  • Aug 20 - 22, 2013: Washington, DC area - FULL
  • Aug 20 - 22, 2013: Denver, CO area - FULL
  • Aug 20 - 22, 2013: Chicago, IL area - FULL
  • Aug 27 - 29, 2013: Chicago, IL area - FULL
  • Aug 27 - 29, 2013: Portland, OR area - FULL
  • Aug 27 - 29, 2013: San Francisco, CA area - FULL
  • Sept 10 - 12, 2013: Denver, CO area
  • Sept 10 - 12, 2013: Orlando, FL area
  • Sept 10 - 12, 2013: San Diego, CA area
  • Sept 17 - 19, 2013: Houston, TX area
  • Sept 17 - 19, 2013: Washington, DC area
  • Sept 24 - 26, 2013: San Francisco, CA area
  • Sept 24 - 26, 2013: Chicago, IL area - FULL

Visit the certification training page

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"This program absolutely over-delivered my expectations. I now feel more prepared and better equipped to do my job."
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Offerings for applying Prosci's change management methodologies:


  • Prosci's site licenses are a great solution for building change management capabilities and competencies throughout your organization. With a site license, you can customize and integrate Prosci's world-leading research and methodologies to fit your organization and begin building the individual competencies necessary for true change capability. Contact a Prosci Account Manager at +1-970-203-9332 or to discuss your change management needs and how Prosci's research-based, holistic, easy-to-use solutions can work for you.


  • Change management certification ($2800) - attend Prosci's 3-day certification program where you bring your own current change project to the session and learn to use Prosci's tools through practical application - taught by former fortune 500 executives at locations across the US - includes over $1000 in products, including the Best Practices in Change Management benchmarking report, the Change Management Toolkit and the Change Management Pilot Pro 2012
  • Train-the-trainer ($3500) - learn how to teach Prosci change management training programs in your organization
  • Onsite training - bring Prosci to your location for 3-day certification programs, 4-6 hour executive briefings, 1-day manager programs or 1-day employee programs - call +1-970-203-9332 for more information

Methodology tools:

  • Change Management Toolkit ($389) - hardcopy 3-ring binder presenting the Prosci Change Management Methodology, includes templates, checklists and assessments for managing the people side of change (includes USB)
  • Change Management Pilot Pro 2012 ($489) - online tool including the Prosci Change Management Methodology, eLearning modules and downloadable templates, assessments, presentations and checklists
  • Change Management Guide for Managers and Supervisors ($209) - tools to help supervisors engage and coach their direct reports through change
  • PCT Analyzer ($149/$349) - web-based tool for collecting PCT Assessment data, analyzing results, identifying risks and developing action steps

References and books:

  • Best Practices in Change Management benchmarking report ($289 / quantity discounts available) - journal-style report with lessons learned and best practices from 650 participants, presented in an easy-to-use format - reads as a checklist of what to do and what not to do
  • Change Management: the people side of change ($18.95 / quantity discounts available) - a primer for anyone involved in organizational change that addresses why manage change, individual change management and organizational change management
  • ADKAR: a model for change ($18.95 / quantity discounts available) - the definitive work on the Prosci ADKAR® Model
  • Employee's Survival Guide to Change ($14.95 / quantity discounts available) - a handbook to help employees survive and thrive during change, answers frequently asked questions and empowers employees to take charge of change



*** Prosci also offers leadership packages - groupings of products at discounts that offer you some of the most helpful and common combinations of Prosci change management resources



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