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Prosci's Advanced Change Management Program


"As organizations begin to apply change management and build organizational capabilities, they need recognized experts to lean upon. Prosci's Advanced Change Management program gives practitioners the foundation they need - for both the discipline and the surrounding success factors - to become the experts and 'go-to' resources for change management in their organization."   ~ Tim Creasey, Prosci Chief Development Officer


Prosci's Advanced Change Management Program is a three-day experience designed to help change management practitioners become recognized experts in their organization by expanding their understanding of change management, its history and evolution, and the environmental success factors that surround effective application of change management in organizations today. The Advanced Program also addresses change management from an enterprise perspective - looking at both how to assess and evaluate the portfolio of change across the organization and how to build organizational capabilities in change management.

In Prosci's Advanced Change Management Program, you build on your understanding of the frameworks and context for effectively managing the people side of change. The program is not about simply getting more tools for change management, it is about stepping back and understanding the environment in which change management can be successful. Upon completion, you will be better equipped to build change management capabilities in your organization and coach other practitioners in your organization as they apply change management on their projects.


Who should attend:

  • Passionate about change management

  • Desire to become the "go-to" resource in your organization

  • Desire to build your ability to coach others who are doing change management work

  • Desire to expand your own personal knowledge of the discipline and its evolution

  • Experience applying change management on various initiatives

  • Ability to complete the pre-work assignments: change management literature review, portfolio management data collection, case study preparation and state of the union overview (estimate 40 - 50 hours)

  • Completed your change management certification (*pre-requisite - learn more about the 3-day certification program)


Next Advanced Change Management Programs:

Session dates:
  - June 18 - 20, 2013 - Hotel Baker, St. Charles, IL  - CLOSED
  - August 20 - 22, 2013 - Cheyenne Mountain Resort, Colorado Springs, CO
  - November 5 - 7, 2013 - Seascape Resort, Monterey, CA - Open
Tuition: $2400 per participant (does not include accommodations)
Seats still available: submit your application now for consideration
Next steps: visit to download a program application
More information: email changemanagement(at)prosci(dot)com or call 1-970-203-9332


Learning objectives:

  • To understand the origins and evolution of change management as a discipline, particularly looking at where different approaches have come from and how they fit in with one another

  • To analyze change management models and approaches across numerous spectrums of thought (psychology vs business, individual vs organizational, descriptive vs prescriptive) in order to better develop the "right approach" for a given unique situation

  • To identify the surrounding environmental success factors that are necessary and inter-related to the application of a change management approach or process

  • To understand the phenomenon of change saturation, why it occurs, the consequences (to individuals, to projects and to the organization), and to apply a structured process for understanding and managing the portfolio of change

  • To apply a process and holistic model for building organizational change management capabilities and competencies by treating change management deployment as both a project and a change to be managed

  • To learn about the complexities of sponsorship, examine different complex sponsorship models (including revolving and split sponsorship) and develop tactics for engaging senior leaders in their role as sponsors of change

  • To examine the conundrum of managers and supervisors in times of change related to 1) competency building, 2) on boarding with a given change, and 3) coaching employees through a given change

  • To look more deeply into resistance management and the foundations of resistance prevention, the root causes of resistance and how resistance manifests itself in times of change

  • To review case studies of change management application and diagnose strengths, opportunities for improvement and weaknesses or gaps


Prosci's Advanced Change Management Program is not about pulling the chair closer to the desk and
bending farther over it - it is about pushing your chair back from the desk to understand the "bigger picture".


Structure of the program:

Day 1
  • History and Evolution of Change Management - participants complete a literature review of 15 key works in the field and deliver a "compare and contrast" presentation of two of the works
  • Analysis of Change Management Models - examining how different approaches to change management emerge and take shape
  • Environmental Success Factors - six factors that fall outside of the change management process but directly contribute to the application and success of change management
Day 2
  • Change Portfolio Management and Change Saturation - introduction to Prosci's Change Saturation Model and a structured process and toolset for building a portfolio perspective of the efforts underway
  • Enterprise Change Management Strategies and Deployment Methods - treating organization change management capability and competency building as a project and a change with a research-based, holistic approach
  • Evening presentation: State of the Union of change management
    at your organization
Day 3
  • Sponsorship Engagement and Coaching - evaluating complex sponsorship models and moving from "what sponsors should do" (a topic in the 3-day certification) to "how do I get sponsor to fulfill their role"
  • Manager and Supervisor Competency Development - balancing manager and supervisor engagement, role fulfillment and competency building
  • Applied Resistance Management - evaluating resistance prevention, proactive resistance management and reactive resistance management
  • Advanced Change Management Applications - Case Study Analysis




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Prosci Change Management Certification

Program highlights:
  • Apply the methodology as you learn it on a real project
  • Learn from experienced executive instructors
  • Become part of a change management community
  • Earn 2.4 CEUs, 24 PDUs and 23.5 HRCI recertification credits
  • Walk away with products and course materials worth over $1000

Download the certification program brochure

Upcoming sessions:

  • January 18 - 20, 2011: Tampa, FL area - OPEN
  • January 25 - 27, 2011: San Francisco, CA area - OPEN
  • January 25 - 27, 2011: Washington DC area - FULL
  • February 1 - 3, 2011: Denver, CO area - OPEN
  • February 15 - 17, 2011: Tampa, FL area - OPEN
  • March 8 - 10, 2011: San Francisco, CA area - OPEN
  • March 15 - 17, 2011: Chicago, IL area - OPEN
  • March 22 - 24, 2011: Washington DC area - OPEN

Visit the certification training page

Email a certification inquiry or call
970-203-9332 to register today.

"The best training class I have had in years. Goes way beyond the strategy and framework and focuses on real world problems and the tools to solve them."
- Jennifer J., April 2009 participant

"This was the most effective and engaging course I've ever taken. I feel that I can truly use this knowledge in my personal and professional life immediately."
- Lisa S., February 2009 participant

"Awesome - truly one of the most beneficial programs I have ever attended - immediate application on the job!"
- Robin S., March 2009 participant

"This program absolutely over-delivered my expectations. I now feel more prepared and better equipped to do my job."
- Paul S., January 2009 participant



Offerings for applying Prosci's change management methodologies:


  • Change management certification ($2800) - 3-day program where you bring a project you are working on and apply all of the assessments and tools as you learn them - taught by former fortune 500 executives at locations across the US - includes over $1000 in products, including the Best Practices in Change Management benchmarking report, the Change Management Toolkit and the Change Management Pilot Pro 2010
  • Train-the-trainer ($3500) - learn how to teach Prosci change management training programs in your organization
  • Onsite training - bring Prosci to your location for 3-day certification programs, 4-6 hour executive briefings, 1-day manager programs or 1-day employee programs - call +1-970-203-9332 for more information

Methodology tools:

  • Change Management Toolkit ($389) - hardcopy 3-ring binder presenting Prosci's change management methodology, includes templates, checklists and assessments for managing the people side of change (includes USB drive)
  • Change Management Pilot Pro 2010 ($449) - online tool including Prosci's change management methodology, eLearning modules and downloadable templates, assessments, presentations and checklists
  • Change Management Guide for Managers and Supervisors ($189) - tools to help supervisors engage and coach their direct reports through change (includes 4 copies of the Employee's Survival Guide)
  • PCT Analyzer ($149/$349) - web-based tool for collecting PCT Assessment data, analyzing results, identifying risks and developing action steps

References and books:

  • Best Practices in Change Management benchmarking report ($289 / quantity discounts available) - journal-style report with lessons learned and best practices from 650 participants, presented in an easy-to-use format - reads as a checklist of what to do and what not to do
  • Change Management: the people side of change ($18.95 / quantity discounts available) - a primer for anyone involved in organizational change that addresses why manage change, individual change management and organizational change management
  • ADKAR: a model for change ($18.95 / quantity discounts available) - the definitive work on Prosci's ADKAR® Model
  • Employee's Survival Guide to Change ($14.95 / quantity discounts available) - a handbook to help employees survive and thrive during change, answers frequently asked questions and empowers employees to take charge of change



*** Prosci also offers leadership packages - groupings of products at discounts that offer you some of the most helpful and common combinations of Prosci change management resources



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Email a Prosci analyst or call 970-203-9332 with questions about the methodology, its application, or finding the right resources to support your change management activities.




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