Training for managers and supervisors

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1-day session on leading employees through change

Managers and supervisors can be your biggest allies - or your biggest obstacles - in times of change. Employees look to them for direction, tone and support. How well have you prepared your managers and supervisors to lead change?

Prosci's 1-day program for managers and supervisors provides the foundation and tools your managers and supervisors need to lead their people through change.


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Prosci's Change Management
Process for Managers


Who should attend?

Managers and supervisors who would say "the day-to-day work of my direct reports will be impacted by the projects and initiatives going on right now in my organization."

Where are sessions offered?

The manager certification program is taught by a Prosci Executive instructor at your location.



How many people can attend?

Given the hands-on work done by participants, class sizes are limited to 30 attendees.

What materials are provided?

Participants receive a primer on leading change, a copy of the Employee's Survival Guide, a copy of the ADKAR book and a set of ADKAR worksheets.

How do you get started?

Call 970-203-9332 to schedule a program for your managers and supervisors.


Call 970-203-9332 to schedule a program for
your managers and supervisors or email a Prosci analyst to find out more.


  • Course topic: Understanding the process for leading change

  • Break-out: Group discussion of the changes underway in the organization

  • Course topic: Uncovering the concepts of change management

  • Break-out: Organization and change readiness assessments

  • Course topic: A look at the best practices data

  • Break-out: Research findings analysis and group presentations

  • Course topic: The ADKAR Model

  • Break-out: Personal ADKAR worksheet

  • Course topic: Roles for leading change (communicator, advocate, coach, liaison, and resistance manager)

  • Break-out: Discussion of the communications packet from the project team(s)

  • Break-out: Individual analysis of employee data; development of group and individual coaching plans for managing change

  • Course topic: Resistance management

  • Break-out: Understanding resistance

  • Course topic: 10-steps for managing resistance

  • Break-out: Next steps and action plans


Prosci's Change Management Process for Managers


Explanation of the Prosci Change Management Process for Managers

Preparing yourself for change

Understanding changes underway and your role

  • Identify the changes impacting your group
  • Understand why these changes are being made
  • Identify how the changes will impact your team
  • Understand your role

Adapting to change that is happening to you

  • Identify your own areas of resistance 
  • Discuss your objections or concerns 
  • Make a personal choice to support and participate in the change

Developing competencies for managing change

  • Understand the concepts of change management 
  • Learn how to use the tools for managing change 
  • Develop action plans for working with your employees


Leading employees through change

Introducing change to your employees

  • Introduce change effectively to your group
  • Build Awareness of the need for change, including:
    • Why a change is needed
    • Current performance level
    • Objectives for this change
    • The nature of the change (high level only)

Managing employees through the transition

  • Develop individual change action plans for each employee
  • Use ADKAR as a tool for managing change with your team
    • As an assessment - creating ADKAR profiles for team members
    • As a guide for actions - how do I build Desire, Knowledge and Ability

Reinforcing and celebrating successes

  • Collect and analyze employee feedback
  • Conduct audits and measure performance
  • Reinforcing change with your team through:
    • Accountability systems
    • Root cause analysis and corrective actions
    • Celebrations, recognition and rewards


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