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Employee's Survival Guide to Change:
The complete guide to surviving and thriving during organizational change

Third Edition
Paperback ($14.95)

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Change Management for Employees

Written to speak directly to employees, this book answers frequently asked questions to provide an understanding about why change is happening and how to control it. 

  • What does change mean to me?
  • What actions can I take?
  • Who can I talk to about the change?
  • What if my company has tried this before and failed?
  • What will the future hold?
  • What does it take to succeed in a changing environment?



Table of contents

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"I love this book. Short, sweet and to the point.  It gives employees information about how they can opt in, it gives them the power of choice and tells them what actions they can take to make the change easier.  It also gives them language and a way to talk with their manager and others about change."

Iris Perez

“A much needed addition to every employee’s toolbox! The first thing to reach for when faced with change. It’s like hiring a ‘personal coach’ at a fraction of the cost.”

Madeleine Ashe, Consultant
Vanguard Communications Corporation


“An easy, quick read, the Employee’s Survival Guide to Change is good advice for anyone working in the ever-changing, chaotic environment we now call ‘business as usual.’”

Carol Kinsey Goman
Author This Isn’t the Company I Joined

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Why are employees important?

There are few tools on the market designed to help employees impacted by change. Ironically, nearly one-fourth of major change initiatives fail because employees are fearful of and resistant to change.

Empowering employees in change

The Employee’s Survival Guide to Change answers questions most employees are unwilling to ask and uncovers what it takes to survive and thrive in today’s changing workplace. Employees will learn the Prosci ADKAR® Model and become effective change agents, instead of difficult change barrier.

What will the Employee’s Survival Guide to Change do for you?

  • Avoid the loss of valued employees and minimize business disruption from the change

  • Answer the questions employees are afraid to ask

  • Describe the phases of the change and what employees can expect

  • Garner support from employees who would otherwise resist the change

  • Create an attitude of “Can-do” rather than “Not my job”

How other industry-leading organizations are using Employee's Survival Guide to Change:

  • Introduce the concept of change management to front-line employees

  • Provide employees with a tool for becoming active participants in change

  • Equip managers and supervisors to lead change conversations with their direct reports

  • Serve as a reference guide for change practitioners on ways to communicate with employees

  • Help senior leaders to understand employee reactions to change announcements

  • Distribute as course text in a university or organizational setting

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From the introduction to Employee's Survival Guide to Change

"When change is happening to others, it can be interesting -- even something good to talk about. However, when change is happening to you, it can be worrisome and create uncertainty. Sometimes it can cause downright fear about your job or your future.

Most employees, when targets of change, experience these feelings and concerns. What most employees don't know is that they play a key role in the success of change. In fact, the more informed you are as an employee about the change process, the more likely you will not only survive the change, but thrive in a changing environment.

So what does it take to be a survivor in today's rapidly changing corporate environments:

  1. A solid understanding of the change process and your role in that process.
  2. Answers to questions that you and your fellow employees have about change.
  3. A set of tools to help you manage change and navigate to the outcome you want.

This guide will help you answer those questions, and give you the ability to ..."


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Table of contents


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