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A structured approach for managing the portfolio of change

While organizations are facing more and more change each day, very few have a clear picture of what changes are going on across the enterprise, how they interact with one another and the consequences of the entire portfolio of change. Operating without this view might work for a short time, but eventually the organization will feel the strains of change saturation and collision of these many initiatives. The time has come for a structured approach and set of tools for understanding and managing the portfolio of change an organization faces. Prosci's Change Portfolio Toolkit provides a structured approach and set of tools for understanding, evaluating and managing your portfolio of change.


The Change Portfolio Toolkit enables you to:

  • Inventory the change efforts underway in the organization

  • Segment effected groups throughout the organization

  • Map changes to the groups being impacted

  • Collect a common set of data on each initiative

  • Assess the risk and health of each change effort

  • Create Heat Maps to illustrate change saturation

  • Produce numerous plots showing the positioning of the portfolio

  • Identify change efforts, groups and points in time at risk


The centerpiece of the Change Portfolio Toolkit is a step-by-step process for making sense of the portfolio of change. The Prosci Change Portfolio Management Process (pictured below) goes beyond a simple list of the changes underway in the organization. With the process, you will develop a clearer picture of the overall portfolio and focus in on risks to projects, groups and the organization as a whole.

Prosci Change Portfolio Management Process


Toolkit structure:

  • Tab 1 - Overview

  • Tab 2 - Making the case

  • Tab 3 - Identify

  • Tab 4 - Investigate

  • Tab 5 - Analyze

  • Tab 6 - Act

  • Tab 7 - Monitor, Manage and Control

  • Tab 8 - Building CM Competency

    See full table of contents


Primary tools in the Change Portfolio Toolkit:

  • Change Scorecard - You will complete a Change Scorecard for each change in the portfolio. This simple one-page document captures the key details and assessment results for the changes in the portfolio.

  • Group Impact Matrix - The Group Impact Matrix is a spreadsheet tool for evaluating and quantifying change impact and overall saturation levels for different groups in the organization.

  • Change Heat Maps - Change Heat Maps are graphical representations of the impact a change has on different groups in the organization. When combined with the data from the Group Impact Matrix, an Organizational Heat Map shows the cumulative impact of change in the organization and high risk groups facing change saturation.

  • Portfolio Dashboard - The Portfolio Dashboard is a snap-shot of the health and risks of the entire change portfolio.


Full set of tools and worksheets in the Change Portfolio Toolkit

  • Change capacity worksheet
  • Scope statement
  • Change inventory worksheet
  • Groups inventory worksheet
  • Change Scorecard
  • Change characteristics assessment
  • Organizational attributes assessment
  • Prosci PCT assessment
  • Group Impact Matrix
  • Change Heat Maps
  • Organizational Heat Map
  • Investment vs Strategic importance plot
  • Investment vs Gap plot
  • Investment vs Scope plot
  • Strategic importance/Gap/Scope worksheet
  • People risk plot
  • People risk worksheet
  • Schedule collision diagram
  • Schedule collision analysis worksheet
  • Investment vs Risk vs Project Health graph
  • Investment vs Risk vs Health worksheet
  • Portfolio Dashboard
  • Portfolio Dashboard statistics analysis
  • Changes at risk worksheet
  • Groups at risk worksheet
  • Point-in-time worksheet
  • Change portfolio SWOT analysis
  • Tips for effective portfolio presentation
  • Presentation template
  • Portfolio action checklist
  • New change worksheet
  • Change effort "exit interview" worksheet
  • Learning from changes leaving the portfolio
  • ECM components worksheet
  • ECM assessment


Example Heat Map created with the Change Portfolio Toolkit




Prosci Change Saturation Model

One of the biggest challenges facing organizations today is change saturation - when there is so much change happening that the individuals, groups, projects and organization as a whole are negatively impacted. A foundation of the Change Portfolio Toolkit is the Prosci Change Saturation Model shown to the right.

The model describes change saturation as a function of two variables: Change capacity (how much change the organization can handle) and Change disruption (how much churn is consuming that capacity). The model further breaks down capacity and disruption into contributing factors.

The Change Portfolio Toolkit provides a structured process for understanding and managing the change disruption an organization is experiencing. In addition, the toolkit's final chapter addresses Change management competency - a contributing factor to an organization's capacity for change. The chapter includes guidelines and an assessment for evaluating and building your organization's change management competency.

Prosci Change Saturation Model



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