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Change Management Guide for Managers



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How to become a great change leader

Prosci's Change Management Guide for Managers is a "no nonsense", action-oriented tool for managers and supervisors who have employees impacted by change.

Based on research with over 1600 organizations, this guide gives managers and supervisors the perspective, expectation and tools they need to be great change leaders. The Toolkit follows Prosci's change management process for managers and supervisors (see Figure 1). Using this process, managers can apply  the most comprehensive framework  for managing change with their employees.



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In Part 1 of the toolkit, Preparing yourself for change, managers and supervisors explore the changes underway in the organization and how those changes impact them and their employees. The toolkit provides worksheets and assessments to help managers identify and work through their own resistance to change. Part 1 also includes a comprehensive review of change management concepts and tools that allows them to build their own knowledge and skills to lead change.

In Part 2 of the toolkit, Leading employees through change, managers and supervisors are provided with the tools and processes for managing change with employees. Managers learn how to apply the ADKAR model, one of the most sought after change management tools. Managing resistance from employees can be a challenging task for many managers. This toolkit provides the structure and tools to make managing resistance easier and faster. Part 2 also includes templates and worksheets for employees, along with a professional development plan geared specifically for helping employees transition through change.


In this Toolkit, a tab is dedicated to each phase in the process. Each tab includes

  1. Purpose of this activity
    (why are we doing this step)
  2. How the activity is performed
  3. Tools and worksheets to
    support this activity

Tools and worksheets included in the Change Management Guide for Managers and Supervisors:

  • Change summary worksheet
  • Understanding change worksheet
  • Personal viewpoint worksheet
  • ADKAR® assessment
  • Competency assessment
  • Awareness-building plan template
  • Key messages outline
  • ADKAR® profile worksheet
  • Change development plan template
  • Group summary worksheet
  • ADKAR® questionnaire
  • Top ten action steps for managing resistance
  • Training needs assessment
  • Fostering ability worksheet
  • Reinforcing change checklist
  • Employee feedback template
  • USB drive or CD with all templates and assessments

This toolkit contains the following reference materials and worksheets:

  • ADKAR®: a model for change in business, government and our community paperback book
  • Employee's Survival Guide to Change paperback book
  • 10 ADKAR Worksheets


Figure 1 - Prosci's Change Management Process for
Managers and Supervisors


Download an overview of the
Guide for Managers and Supervisors

Order the Guide for Managers and Supervisors for only $209
(quantity discounts available)



Managers and supervisors can make or break organizational change.
How well have you prepared your managers and supervisors to be great leaders of change?


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