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Change Management: The People Side of Change
Second Edition

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A must read for all executives, managers and change practitioners.

Michael Nestor

This slim volume continues to provide a sound context for change managers at every level of competence.
Stephen Wehrenberg, Ph.D.
United States Coast Guard


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Change Management: the people side of change is an introduction to change management for managers and executives. Project leaders and consultants can use this book with their organizations and clients to introduce change management to front-line managers and top-level executives involved in change. Specifically, managers and executives will understand the broader perspective around change management and understand their role in the process.

Written by Jeff Hiatt and Tim Creasey, the editors of the Change Management Learning Center, this book takes 14 years of research with more than 2600 companies, white papers and change management models, and combines this knowledge into an easy-to-read guide for managing change. Multiple case studies and examples make this book a quick-read for managers and executives that need a basic understanding of change management.

Chapter 1 - Why manage change?   read excerpt

Chapter 2 - Theories and principles   read excerpt

Chapter 3 - Individual change management   read excerpt

Chapter 4 - Organizational change management   read excerpt

Chapter 5 - Change competency   read excerpt

Chapter 6 - Conclusion   read excerpt

What's new in the second edition?

The second edition introduces the five tenets of change management. Together they build the foundation for why change management is essential to achieving desired business results of an initiative. In addition to the five tenets, the content has been refreshed with current research based on Prosci's 2012 edition of Best Practices in Change Management research report.

When used by project leaders or consultants with the Change Management Toolkit, the task of educating the organization around change leadership and building executive sponsorship is accelerated.

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What others have to say:

The 5 tenets boils down the reason companies need Change Management to its essence--to help people adopt, apply and embrace changes that deliver a desired outcome. Jeff and Tim have done it again by translating a topic that can be fuzzy and esoteric to a level of clarity and purpose. The new edition is a must read for anyone starting on a journey of change or as a refresher for those who regularly manage, sponsor or lead change in an organization.

Derinda D. Ehrlich, Vice President, Global Operational Excellence,
Avnet Inc.

The 5 tenets of change management give us new insights into how to approach and lead change. They are the foundational elements that have propelled the vision and growth of the change management practice and discipline.

Rachel Shafran, Senior Change Manager

A must read for all executives, managers and change practitioners. Change Management: The People Side of Change provides a practical and yet comprehensive explanation of change management and how to apply the given tenets to achieve the desired business objectives of change. Based on years of research, the guidance in this book illustrates why effective change management is more than a project team role: it is also the responsibility of every executive, manager and supervisor in the organization. I will distribute this book broadly throughout my organization.

Michael Nestor, VP and Head, Change Management,

Tim and Jeff continue to craft thoughtful, practical, and tested advice for leaders who live in a world of continuous change--in other words, for all of us. This second edition adds an important thread to the conversation about the people side of change management: we change for a purpose. Clarity of intent that creates a vision of the future state not only inspires and anchors the change effort, but makes the measures of success obvious. 'What would we have to observe as evidence that the change effort was successful?'

Stephen Wehrenberg, Ph.D.,
Director of Human Resources Strategy and Executive Development,
United States Coast Guard
Founding Director and Past President,
Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP)

This book represents comprehensive coverage of change management concepts--Individual Change Management, Organizational Change Management and Change Competency. It is packed with insights and practical advice that will immediately help all organizations--government or business--at any level. Instituting these concepts and organizational ideas--and in turn teaching them to others--we have seen an increase in individual morale and organizational productivity.

Darlene Meister, Director, Diversity & Organizational Change Management,
United States House of Representatives

This is a very pragmatic handbook--built from systematic research and the field of change management--and I would recommend it to MBA students as real world preparation and to all managers as a Bible for helping with the daily challenges of change management!

Todd D Jick, Professor,
Columbia Business School


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For a limited time, receive a free copy of this book with any Change Management Toolkit order

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