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This website is specifically designed for people who have been certified in Prosci's change management methodology through the 3-day training program. Bookmark the Prosci Certification Portal


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Free, one hour sessions on a variety of change management topics.

  • Free change management webinars - Prosci's change management webinars provide a great refresher and a chance to spend one hour a week thinking about change management. Each series includes several new sessions, so be sure to join and keep up to date on hot change management topics.

  • Each webinar covers a specific topic related to change management and lasts one hour followed by 30 minutes of Q&A

Useful links
Quickly get to useful pages within the Change Management Learning Center using these 'useful links'.
  • Deploying change management? In 2012 Prosci rolled out a three-part ECM Suite made up of: ECM Boot Camp (one-day workshop), ECM Roadmap (online instructional guide with tools and templates), and the Prosci Change Management Maturity Model Audit (web-based self-assessment) - learn more at or by contacting a Prosci Account Manager

  • CM Pilot login - quickly log in to the online Change Management Pilot for quick access to templates, assessments, presentations and more

  • Tutorials index - find recent tutorials, as well as a list of the most popular and effective tutorials organized by topic

  • Tutorials archive - all of Prosci's tutorials organized by date and by subject (this page is not available to the public, only to you as certified practitioners)

  • Useful references for making the case for change management - descriptions and links to industry literature on the impact of change management on project success

Licensing and TTT programs
  • Teach Prosci's change management programs internal to your organization

  • Integrate with existing tools and processes

  • Publish tools online and build internal competency in change management

Visit the licensing page

Visit the Train-the-Trainer page

Share your story
  • How have things gone since you returned from your certification program? Do you have successes you want to share? A particular challenge you've faced?

  • Share your story and read what others have been doing.

  • What questions do you have now that you've returned from the certification? Submit your own question or read what others asked, along with responses from Prosci's analysts.

  • Go to Portal FAQ page

  • Recent questions on the FAQ post:

    • NEW POST - When does change management end?

    • Where do I start? I got back from the certification and now I'm getting ready to present back to my boss...

Post certification roadmap
  • At the end of the session, you were presented with a roadmap of where to go from here. Download roadmap.

  • Learn more about what other actions you can take and support is available at the extended roadmap.

News and announcements
  • Ongoing opportunities to learn more about change management

  • Association of Change Management Professionals - ACMP aims to facilitate the establishment of change management as a professional discipline.  This independent organization advances the practice of change management by providing an industry-recognized certification standard, networking and learning events, and a community of professionals who are leading the people side of change.  Visit for more information and membership details.

  • 2012 best practices report - if you completed your certification before March 2012, you may not have seen the latest benchmarking report. The 2012 study was the most comprehensive to-date, and Prosci's 2012 edition of the Best Practices in Change Management benchmarking report is full of additional insights and new topics. Find out more about the 2012 report.

  • Redesigned program for managers and supervisors - Based on best practices findings, Prosci has redesigned the 1-day training program for managers and supervisors. The new program is centered on two main themes: 1) preparing yourself for change and 2) leading your employees through change. The new program has pre-work and post-work to complete the certification process and incorporates more hands-on work with real data from the participants' direct reports. Email training(at) or call 970-203-9332 to find out more.

  • Change Portfolio Analysis added to executive sessions - To make the 4-6 hour executive program more complete, Prosci now conducts a Change Portfolio Analysis ahead of the program and presents the findings back to the executive participants. This creates a basis for discussion and brings many of the tools to life for the session attendees - like the change readiness assessments and the PCT assessment.

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  • April 14 -17, 2013
    ACMP Global Conference
    - Prosci is pleased to be a sponsor of the 2013 ACMP Global Conference.  This event represents the largest gathering of change management professionals in the world.  The 2013 conference will be held at the JW Marriott Live in Los Angeles, CA. Visit for more information.

  • Monthly
    Designed to help you facilitate Prosci courses in your organization.  See for more.

  • March 26 - 28, 2013: Washington DC
    June 18 - 20, 2013: Chicago, IL
    Advanced Change Management
    Explore new content and perspectives to become change management experts in your organization. Details at

  • April 18, 2013: Los Angeles
    June 28, 2013: Washington DC
    ECM Boot Camp - One-day workshop for creating your strategy and plans for taking change management from a project-by-project perspective to an institutionalizing and organizatinal capability perspective. Details at

Contact info
  • Prosci main office:


  • Butch Alligood
  • Phil Eastman
  • JJ Johnson
  • Chuck McNeal
  • D. Scott Ross
  • Jim Simpson
  • Stefanie Simon

Training Managers

  • Ron Boyle
  • Jeremy Carson
  • Matt Flood
  • Kimber Martell
  • Sarah Musur
  • Courtney Schultz


  • Viki Allen
  • Ron Boyle

Authorized Training Provider and Global Affiliate Network

  • Mike Davis

Licensing, training and client services

  • Mike Davis

  • Susie Taylor

  • Dan Gamble

Prosci Customer Service and Ordering

  • Maggie Trujillo


Prosci's Instructors

Phil Eastman

JJ Johnson

Butch Alligood

Jim Simpson

D. Scott Ross

Stefanie Simon

Chuck McNeal

Prosci's Training Managers

Jeremy Carson

Kimber Martell

Ron Boyle

Matt Flood

Courtney Schultz

Sarah Musur


How can I use Prosci's tools and materials?

Litmus test for license compliance (if in doubt)

You can use a simple litmus test to determine if you are within the single-user license terms and conditions. If you answer Yes to any of these questions, then call the office at 970-203-9332 or email license(at) and we can provide options for you.

  1. Are you reproducing and distributing Prosci materials or tools s for the purpose of providing educational programs, training
    workshops, seminars or conference presentations on change management?

  2. Are you reproducing and distributing Prosci materials or tools, via hardcopy, a website or other means of electronic documentation, for
    use by others who do not have a license to these tools?

  3. Are you creating derivative models or materials from any Prosci materials, tools or models?

Exception: You can reproduce and distribute assessment instruments for the sole purpose of collecting data so long as you are the recipient and user of the data.




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