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Web-based tools for navigating change management

NEW - Prosci announces the 2014 update to Change Management Pilot Professional.  Learn about the newest features in the 2014 version.

The Change Management Pilot Professional gives you immediate access to Prosci's complete change management methodology, downloadable templates and assessments, eLearning modules, problem solving articles and presentations that you can use to build a complete and comprehensive change management plan for your organization.

Access a comprehensive, research-based change management methodology, complete with tools you can put to use immediately, from anywhere at anytime with the Change Management Pilot Professional.

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Online access to the complete research-based methodology and toolset




The Change Management Pilot Professional enables you to:

  • Walk step-by-step through an industry leading change management methodology based on 14 years of research.

  • Develop a comprehensive change management strategy.

  • Create complete change management plans including a communications plan, sponsor roadmap, coaching plan, training plan and resistance management plan.

  • Utilize templates to move quickly with your program.

  • Manage the people side of change.

  • Maximize project ROI and value.

The Change Management Pilot Professional is ideal for:

  • Change management resources assigned to projects.

  • Project team leaders and team members who are concerned about resistance and the consequences of ineffective people management.

  • Project support functions.

  • Communication specialists looking to provide more strategic value on the projects they support.

  • HR consultants and generalists looking to add value.

  • External consultants who need to deliver business value, not just a solution that is never utilized by clients.




Order the Change Management Pilot Professional now for only $489

Learn about new additions to the 2014 edition



Change Management Pilot Professional functionality

Based on research with more than 2600 change leaders, the Change Management Pilot Professional is a leader's guide that contains online templates and guidelines to help you effectively apply change management and write a complete and professional change management plan. Assessment tools and implementation guidelines will help you implement an effective change management strategy.

From the main tool menu, you can navigate to any of the following areas:

Change Management Process

Walk step-by-step through the change management methodology while you apply it to your project. Guidelines are provided for each of the three phases - Preparing for change, Managing change and Reinforcing change. Immediate access to 'how to' steps and relevant templates and assessments. Read more about the methodology and process.

Templates (27 downloadable)

Download and begin right away with MS Office templates for all of your change management plans. Examples include: Change management plan, Change management strategy outline, Communications plan, Key communication messages, Sponsorship roadmap and Resistance management plan. See a complete list of templates.

Assessments (20 downloadable)

Complete these easy-to-use, pre-packaged assessments to evaluate your change readiness and prepare customization guidelines for your planning. Examples include: Change characteristics assessment, Organization attributes assessment, Impact Index spreadsheet tool, Sponsor competency assessment, Resistance worksheet and Training needs requirements document. See a complete list of assessments.

Presentations (6 downloadable)

Access presentations built by Prosci analysts to help you present change management within your organization. Presentations included in the Change Management Pilot Professional: Change Management Overview, The Prosci ADKAR Model, The Case for Change Management, Sponsorship and the the Sponsor Diagram, Best practices briefing and Prosci PCT (Project Change Triangle) Model.

Problem solving

Get answers to the most frequently encountered problems and questions regarding change management.


Find definitions of key roles in managing change along with links for additional resources and information to support each role.  


Learn about change management principles, best practices, ADKAR, the Flight/Risk model and how to implement a structured change management process. Includes a downloadable PDF of the book, Change Management: the people side of change.


Prosci 3-Phase Change Management Process



Order the Change Management Pilot Professional now for only $489

Learn about new additions to the 2014 edition


Additional Change Management Pilot Professional purchasing options:

  • Order a Single User License for the Change Management Pilot Professional to use on the projects you support - $489 (no shipping and handling charges)
  • Attend a Change Management Certification Program and receive the Change Management Pilot Professional as part of your program tuition
  • Find a leadership package that includes the Change Management Pilot Professional and other change management resources like the hardcopy Change Management Toolkit or Best Practices in Change Management benchmarking report
  • Inquire about licensing the Change Management Pilot Professional for your entire organization by calling +1-970-203-9332 or completing the email form


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