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Change Management Articles

New release
254 companies share lessons learned in change management - benchmarking report. This report is an excellent reference for change management teams, business managers and consultants. More about this benchmarking report.

9 Tips for Change Agents

20/20 Change Agent
Trying to turn around a giant insurance company is like trying to parallel park a battleship. Just ask Tom Valerio.

The Amoeba Corporation

Here’s how companies are lengthening their life span by reshaping internal systems for flexibility, modernizing their cultures and monitoring the ever-changing environments in which they operate.

Basic Context for Organizational Change

By Carter McNamara, PhD
It seems like the topic of organizational change has reached evangelical proportions. There's an explosion of literature about the subject and an accompanying explosion in the number of consultants who offer services in this general area. The following information attempts to provide some basic perspective about the concept of organizational change.

Building Successful Teams in the Midst of Transition

Business Process Reengineering & Change Management
Change management and BPR slides for download.

Building Successful Teams in the Midst of Transition

By Thomas W. McKee
Some people seem to thrive on change. How do they do it? How do they manage change in a way that they not only survive, but also excel?

Change and the Academic Library: understanding, managing and coping

By Catherine Edwards and Graham Walton

Change Leadership Team Assessment

Change Management 101: A Primer
By Fred Nickols
The purpose of this paper is to provide a broad overview of the concept of “change management.”

Change Management in a Human Systems Model: Four System Types

By Alan J. Slobodnik and Deborah Slobodnik
This presentation focuses on the system types component of a human systems change management model. We will begin with a brief review of human systems theory, and the dynamic relationship between the change agent and the target system. We will then introduce our Onion Rings Model and examine each of the four system types—Closed, Random, Open and Synchronous—which comprise its first ring.


Change management made easy, flexible.

Change Management Roles of Executive Sponsors by Project Phase
Senior managers play a critical role in change management, and that role changes depending on the stage of the change initiative.

Change Without Pain

By Eric Abrahamson
Change or perish is a corporate truism, but so is its unhappy corollary: many companies change and perish. The process of change can tear an organization apart. Drawing on his research over ten years, the author suggests that companies alternate major change initiatives with carefully paced periods of smaller, organic change…

The Changing Workplace: How Flexible is Your Company?

By Ellen M. Riccardi
The working world is changing fast. New technologies and realigned work environments are altering the way companies do business and the relationships between workers and their employers.

Conductor of a Change Orchestra

By Christine Canabou
Lennart Bjurstrom says he earned his MBA at AIESEC International, a student organization that inspired him to pursue a career in environmental business management. Now he's guiding a merger integration effort that affects change on a global scale.

Consultants and Owners CONTROVERSY and REALITY

By Dennis Hoppe
Unless you get the right on-site consultant, you are wasting your time and money. The secrets of relationships with consultants. The selection process.


Creating Conditions For Success


Creating Your Future


Culture – Are you dancing with the devil?
It's difficult to bring about fundamental change in organizations unless the culture supports the change or, at least, can be altered to support the new initiatives.

Defining Your Key Change Leadership Roles and Responsibilities


Destructive Behavior
Some executives like to conceive their company's future through strategic-planning exercises. Not Jack Welch. For him, strategic planning is too safe, too theoretical.
Instead, Welch had his business units envision how the future could hurt them. He called the exercise Destroy Your Business (DYB).

Do you need a complacency check-up?

By Dennis Hoppe
How complacency, settling for mediocrity, and stagnation can severely damage your company. How to rejuvenate

The Drivers of Change: Sample Case Application

Due Diligence: Moving Up the Knowledge Value Chain

By James R. Florin
Competitive forces have led many companies to transform themselves via acquisitions, mergers, and divestitures. If your employer is involved in any of these initiatives, or if you work for a closely-held company considering an Initial Public Offering, there may be an opportunity not to be missed to participate in due diligence activities.

Embracing Change
Embrace change by focusing on a vision, choosing your outlook, seeking authenticity, committing yourself with discipline and continue to grow and develop.

The Enduring Skills Of Change Leaders
By Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Hundreds of books and millions of dollars in consulting fees have been devoted to leadership and organizational change.   No issue of the past 15 years has concerned more managers or a wider spectrum of organizations. Yet, for all the attention the subject merits, we see every day that certain kinds of change are simple.

The Fad That Forgot People
By Thomas H. Davenport
One of reengineering's creators explains the iron triangle that turned a modest idea into a destructive fad -- and offers advice on how to avoid the next one.

Bringing Corporate Philosophy Alive
By Jody Urquhart
Imagine this. A company has very promising and fashionable philosophies about customer service, integrity and trust. What are these glorious
implications in the workplace? Nobody knows. Like...

Five Theories of Change Embedded in Appreciative Inquiry
By Gervase Bushe Ph.D.

GM Has a New Model for Change

Getting Smart About Employee Resistance To Change: Part One

Getting Smart About Employee Resistance To Change: Part Two

Guillotine or Rack?
In My Humble Opinion: Change Agent Seth Godin on creating real change.

Hearing The Wake-Up Call For Change

Hiring for a New or Created Position
By Dennis Hoppe
The absolute uniqueness of hiring for a new position where there is no incumbent. Why you have to pay special attention to these hires, or lose.

How Command and Control As a Change Leadership Style Causes Transformational Change Efforts to Fail

How To Determine Your Desired Outcomes For Change

How To Increase Employee Commitment to Change

How To Simultaneously Build Your Organization's Capacity for On-going Change WHILE You Succeed in Your Current Change

Identifying The Initiatives Within Your Change Effort, And How They Fit Together

Identifying The Type Of Your Change

Identifying Your Drivers Of Change

An Improvisational Model for Change Management: The Case of Groupware Technologies

By Wanda J. Orlikowski and  J. Debra Hofman

It Doesn't Work (Accountability without Authority)

By Dennis Hoppe
Why you can't hold people accountable for anything without giving them clear and defined authority.

Know Your In-House Financial Manager
By Dennis Hoppe
Why it is to your benefit to maximize your Financial Manager's effectiveness as the purveyor and interpreter of company information.


By Dennis Hoppe
How leadership and motivational skills can make or break you. Why YOU need to set the example for them. What the followers really need from you.

Leading Transition: A New Model For Change
By William Bridges and Susan Mitchell
Change is nothing new to leaders, or their constituents. We understand by now that organizations cannot be just endlessly "managed," replicating yesterday's practices to achieve success. Business conditions change and yesterday's assumptions and practices no longer work. There must be innovation, and innovation means change.

Learning for a Change
By Alan M. Webber
Ten years ago, Peter Senge introduced the idea of the "learning organization." Now he says that for big companies to change, we need to stop thinking like mechanics and to start acting like gardeners.

Linking Your Change Strategy To Your Business Strategy

Making Change
By Philip Diehl
The U.S. Mint's Philip Diehl found that overseeing an enterprisewide systems project is no easy task. Especially when you've got a deadline you can't afford to miss.

Managing in a Time of Change: the Innovation Process
By Eleanor Glor

Managing Segment Zero
By Andrew S. Grove
Major  change in the competitive landscape can take many forms. It may be the introduction of new technologies, a new regulatory environment, or a sudden shift in customer preferences. But the change usually hits the organization in such a way that those of us in senior management are among the last to notice.

MR=MC Consulting Pte Ltd Articles
Articles dealing with the effects of new tech (3G-Tech, wireless etc) and affects the workplace and change management.

New Perspectives on Meeting Market Needs by Managing Change within Organizations

By Cay Villars

(Non) Decision Making For Owners - 103

By Dennis Hoppe
How only the strong and bold survive, and the procrastinators fail in business. How failing to make timely decisions can kill your company.

Organizations and Successful Change Initiatives

Overview of the Change Process

Richard M. DiGeorgio & Associates, Memory jogger for the change process

Owners/Mangers Delegation Program
By Dennis Hoppe
Why you will never improve your quality of life and maximize company effectiveness unless you are willing and trained to delegate. Get the monkey off of your back.

The People of Hewlett-Packard v. The Past
By Eric Matson
Why settle for an ordinary meeting when you can stage a trial or a funeral? When the agenda is change, don't tell people, show them.

Powerful Communication Skills that Get Results!
by Patti Hathaway, CSP ; In customer service, is it more important to be a good sender of information or receiver?

By Dennis Hoppe
How winners are able to prioritize and move forward, while others stagnate. The ABC decision process, and the critical importance of timing.

Promoting Without Planning
By Dennis Hoppe
Why "random promoting", picking the best available person from in-house, or promoting because you feel an obligation to a particular person can cost you dearly and show signs of management weakness.


Proper change management keeps plans on track.


Reaching YOUR (MCP) Maximum Career Potential

How successful people use coaching/mentoring to reach their highest potential

Reengineering: The Key Success Element
Article on change management as applied to business process change.

Revenue Enhancement - A New Thought

By Dennis Hoppe
Why cost cutting (rather than enhancing revenue) is moving you closer to major problems by avoiding the
real issues

Square Wheels® Toolkits

This toolkit is a self-contained, flexible set of illustrations and ideas that you can use in a variety of performance improvement situations.  Based on the Square Wheels illustrations and produced by Dr. Scott Simmerman. Powerful, Proven and Effective!


Starting Over

By Dennis Hoppe
Why mentally treating your business as a startup every 6 months, and evaluating every aspect of your business from that zero-base mentality will keep you on the path to success.

Strategic Planning: An Essential Tool for Organizational Success and Growth

By Alisa C. Alt
Without a plan, one is tossed, rather than guided, into the future. Without a vision, a business cannot prosper. For the CPA profession to survive and progress in the years ahead, today’s CPAs need to closely examine their organizations and create a strategic plan to move them forward.

Successfully Managing Change with a Balanced Scorecard


Taking Charge of Change


Taming the Roller Coaster Ride of ‘Going Public’
By Myrna Hellerman
How to prepare employees for an IPO.

Teaching The Caterpillar to Fly

An article about the paradoxes in managing and leading change.  Written by Dr. Scott Simmerman, it contains frameworks and models that you can use in your teaching, training and development efforts.  Free!

Ten Tips for Taking Criticism
by Patti Hathaway, CSP; tips on feedback and criticism.


They Don't Play My Music Anymore – A Three Step System for Creating Personal and Professional Harmony During Times of Change

Twelve Principles For Managing Change

What an Employee Really Costs/Generates
By Dennis Hoppe  The mistake of looking at what an employee costs you rather than focusing on how much revenue they can generate for you if properly used.

Which Will Be Most Successful for Your Current Change Effort - A Change Process Approach or a Change Tool Approach

Your Job Is Change - When change programs are doomed before they start ... When old leaders are stumped by new challengers ... When change itself is changing ...


          Business Process Reengineering Articles

248 Companies Share Best Practices in Business Process Reengineering and Future Role of IT in Reengineering
BPR Best Practices Study Report
Two hundred forty eight companies from 44 countries participated in the Reengineering Best Practices study, and contributed lessons learned from their projects.

Acculturation Trap, The
By Martin R. Smith
Like so many entrepreneur/CEOs before him, Willis was a control freak. Suspicious of employees intentions, he wouldn't let go of the reins for even the tiniest detail. Consequently, most of his manufacturing company's managers were restrained in their ability to innovate.

Applying Workflow Management Systems
The fourth issue of the Executive Business Review was written by Pat Bowe, who has developed and tested a prototype workflow management system and had his research published internationally.

Avoiding a Fool's Mission.
By John H. Mayer
Information technology departments need not take the leading role in all projects to re-engineering business processes, but are increasingly discovering that. . .

Balancing Work And Family
Short-sighted nature of BPR initiatives has been often criticized because of their key emphasis on restructuring and downsizing [read 'dumbsizing'].

BPR: Dialog, Not Just Design
By Dorine Andrews
The focus of any communication strategy should be on creating dialog among team members and the rest of the organization.

BPR Events
"Links to future BPRC fora, UK and Overseas meetings, exhibitions, and conferences. Searchable conference and events listing indices are included."

BPR Is Legacy of Pentagon's Troubled CIM Program
By Steven T. Taylor
About the same time the U.S. armed forces were fighting the air war and preparing to launch the ground offensive in the Persian Gulf, the Pentagon's information systems specialists were launching a quieter attack of their own. The enemy: a sprawling, overgrown and less-than-efficient way of doing business. Read about how the enemy of a sprawling, overgrown and less-than-efficient way of doing business was overcome.

BPR On-Line Tutorial Series
Reengineering Tutorial Series for Reengineering Teams

BPR Project Management
A Radical Approach to Project Team Organization By Dorine Andrews and Susan Stalick
To the casual observer, it would seem logical that one should manage a business process reengineering (BPR) project just like any other organizational change effort..

The BPR Strike Force
Designing a pilot project is the best way to launch business process reengineering. In today's climate, the result has to be flexible and pay off quickly.

Brave New BPR World.
By Graham Twaddle
Is business process re-engineering (BPR) all washed up in the network economy?
Graham Twaddle argues that - updated to meet the challenge - BPR is vital. . .

Building the Foundations of the Data Warehouse
By Ramon C. Barquin
For too long, many enterprises have been data rich and information poor - technologically condemned to be information mazes. Data warehousing promises to change all that by becoming the centerpiece of new information architectures.

Business Case - Friend or Foe? - Part 1, The
Part one of a three part series on business case development.

Business Engineering and Process Redesign in Higher Education: Art or Science?
This presentation explores both policy and operational issues associated with optimizing the return on an organization’s investment in enterprise transactional systems via business engineering and process redesign.

Business Process Analysis - A Letter from America Professor V.S. Arunachalam and Dr. Easwaran Subramanian.
Reengineering involves four major stages that include an environmental review and assessment of the business, identification of core processes, bench-marking with performance target setting, and redesigning the processes and implementation.

Business Process Benchmarking

Business Process Change: A study of methodologies, techniques and tools
This flexible framework and comprehensive survey of commonly used BPR techniques and tools forms a knowledge base to improve BPR practice and provides a basis for future BPR research. http://theweb.badm.sc.edu/bpr/pprframe.htm

Business Process Design and Organizational Structure:
Technological, Operational and Economic Issues
Business process redesign has been a central issue for many corporations over the last few years. The seminal articles described radical transformations that were supposed to produce dramatic improvements in firm performance.

Business Process Reengineering
A Practical Introduction to Business Process Reengineering and Object Modeling

Business Process Reengineering
Mike Donovan, a management consultant based in Natick, Mass., answers a number of oft-asked questions concerning business process reengineering practices in manufacturing.

Business Process Reengineering: A Tutorial on the Concept, Evolution, Method, Technology and Application

Business Process Reengineering Advisory Group
Tools for Business Process Reengineering

Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Case Study: Reducing Product Development Cycle Time
This case study illustrates how the application of Business Process Reengineering (BPR) does not just apply to large organizations. It can also apply to department and functional units using team brainstorming techniques. To be competitive, it is important to develop new products quickly. The following steps led to a ranked list of improvement opportunities for a hi-tech product development organization and a specific action item. http://www.smartersolutions.com/html/business_process.htm

Business Process Reengineering & Change Management
Download slides from BPR presentations by Kai A. Simon; indices of BPR related articles and books

Business Process Reengineering: Constantly Adapting to Change
By Lowell J. Greenberg
BPR involves the total creative rethinking of one or more of a company’s key business processes. No business assumption or organizational structure is sacred.

Business Process Re-engineering - the Human Issues

Business Process Reengineering and Legacy Systems Transformation
By William Ulricha
BPR is not an isolated phenomenon in today's highly automated environments.  This article integrates BPR and legacy migration strategies.

Business Process Reengineering and Organisational Design
By Alan E. Cooper
This MBA dissertation describes research into BPR and organisational
culture change.

Business Process Simulation
Matching Processes with Modeling Characteristics By Kerim Tumay
Herein lies the opportunity for organizations to institutionalize simulation as the standard tool for BPR. Simulation is the only tool that can provide both accurate analysis and visualization of alternatives.

Business Processes - A Natural Approach
Discussing the "natural system" aspect of BPR. Focus on the non-linear, people-related aspects drawing on the science of complexity.

Business Re-engineering in Financial Services
Is BPR really new?  Or is it a creative melange of preexistent techniques and methods?

Business Reengineering In Higher Education: Promise And Reality
By James H. Porter
Significant changes and improvements we can make to integrate and improve our administrative processes that should be aggressively pursued.

C.E.O. Agenda, The
By Brian N. Dickie
The majority of companies have passed through the first wave of reengineering. Now the issue is growth.

Challenge of Creating Cross-Functional Team, The
In a time of massive reorganizations due to mergers, reengineering, and enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), people need to be able to build alliances and teams across departments and across continents. This article provides a model for building these cross-departmental team.

Change Readiness Assessment
By Rick Maurer
Major changes such as reengineering, enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), restructuring, quality improvement, and mergers require tremendous support from management and staff in order to succeed. This assessment will help you determine the organization's capacity to handle one of these major changes.

Chasing the BPR Tool Market: User Demands Driving Better, Cheaper Software
By Randy Barrett
The BPR software marketplace is entering an ungainly adolescence that holds the promise of enhanced capabilities for users of both high and low-end reengineering tools. Integration is the key word as users seek to flexibly model, visualize, analyze, simulate and implement the processes they are reengineering.

Chief Learning Officer: New Title for New Times, The
By Larry G. Willets
Your company has just assured its success by reengineering some major business processes. You've fixed the structure, the organization, the activities and tasks of doing business, but what keeps it all going and where will the next great idea come from? You need a chief learning officer.

Choose the Right Recipe for Success
By Dorine Andrews
BPR, OD, ISD, IEM, TQM - it's an alphabet soup for change.. What makes one approach better or more appropriate than another? How can you choose the best solutions for a given situation? There is a logical way to find the answers in this article.

Common Business Reengineering Success Factors & Pitfalls

Conceiving IT-Enabled Organizational Change
Management models of IT-enabled organizational change like business process re-engineering, networking organizations, and complementary IT-to-business strategies, circulate broadly through the academic literature and popular business press. This study examines a strategic planning process as it is shaped by a popular IT-enabled change model.

Conceptual Re-engineering at Nissan
By Robert J. Thomas
To anyone who admires tradition, the business of making cars has always had a kind of simple elegance.

Conditions for Change Assessment
By Rick Maurer
Major changes such as reengineering, enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), restructuring, quality improvement, and mergers require tremendous support from management and staff in order to succeed. Here are the things that need to be in place in order to increase your chances of success

Constrained Change. Unconstrained Results.
By Jeffrey W. Bennett
History teaches that to get lasting results from a change program, it is vital to begin with a vision
of the future and create incentives that motivate people to achieve those ends.


Constructing a Proactive Information System
By Marsha Lewin, Keith Kennedy and Jim Ayers
Business information that just sits there is only doing half its job. What if it knew where to go and what doors to knock on? Proactive systems, when well-engineered, supported by top management and accompanied by requisite training, can reap benefits for forward-looking companies.

Coopers & Lybrand Consulting's BreakPoint BPR (Goldsmith & Maniace)
Reviews the changes that have recently been implemented in their methodology, along with the relevant tools and methods.

Cultural Formula for Success,The
By Deborah J. Baxley
A great debate has raged recently about the role culture plays in the performance of information technology organizations. While most technology-oriented people assume that organizational culture is vital to the success of an information technology department, there has been little hard proof - until now.

Data Reengineering Project Context
By Peter Aiken & Bill Girling
The project is an integrated human resource information system. It is relatively common situation. Break the shrink wrap on the new multi-million dollar client server application software and the directions say something like 'plug in your database here.' So how do you go about the process of engineering the new integrated database to plug into your new shrink-wrap software?

Designing Tools to Support Business Process Reengineering
Presents the Enterprise Engineering Project at the University of  Toronto’s vision for BPR tools and also specifies criteria for the evaluation of these tools.

Does Reengineering Really Work? An Examination of the Context and Outcomes of Hospital Reengineering Initiatives
Objective: To examine the effect of reengineering on the competitive position of hospitals. Although many promises have been made regarding outcomes. . .

Don't knock the BPR Boat.
By Julia Vowler

Effect of Outside Consultants Involvement over the Success of BPR Projects, The
Ahmed A. Shabana Texas A&M University College of Business Administration
Does the use of consultants result in more successful BPR projects? By addressing this question, this paper aims at complementing the existing body of research on BPR.

Emory Clinic Achieves Dramatic Results with Pilot of Reengineered Business Process
The Business Re-Engineering Group (BRG) and The Emory Clinic have successfully completed a pilot of a radically redesigned process to "arrange care" for patients. The redesign affected every element of the process to schedule appointments, register patients, certify insurance and order services - all the activities that typically occur before a patient sees the physician.

Enabling Role of EDI in Business Process Re-Engineering, The
Bob Roberts, Kingston University, Gregg Flight, GE Information Services

Enterprise Information Systems Integration and Business Process Improvement
Empirical Study, Ganesh D. Bhatt; Management Department; Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Enterprise Models: Anticipating Complexity
By Michael Scofield
Business reengineering tends to employ process models as the primary vehicle for describing as-is and to-be views of the enterprise. Less used, but equally important is the data model - a valuable basis for understanding and expressing business rules and objects.

Enterprise Reengineering
"Enterprise Reengineering is a four-color, tabloid news magazine covering the national business process improvement scene."

Enterprise Systems Quantum’s Leap
One computer manufacturer's risky decision to overhaul its worldwide business systems in a single bound paid off.

By K.S. Ramaprasad - Consultant, MAARS Software International
The onus of the successful implementation lies with the organisation

Exploring Alternative to Downsizing
By Rick Maurer
Major changes such as mergers, reengineering, enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), and restructuring often result in downsizing. It doesn't have to be that way. Here are proven alternatives that can help you cut cost while ensuring the commitment of valued employees.

Fad That Forgot People (Davenport), The
Reviews the organizational destruction cast by reengineering, Davenport reviews its evolution form a 'decent' fad to a $51 billion industry in 1995.

Fast Becoming Interactive, Training Isn't What It Used To Be
By Karen D. Schwartz
The trend in corporate reengineering has led to a healthy growth market for training and development firms. Especially today, organizations have to focus on results, and employees in those organizations must not only focus on results but take responsibility themselves to get them.

Five Steps for Creating Effective Visions
"Some basic steps you can take that will greatly increase the chances of creating an effective vision for your organization."

FORSCOM Reengineering Home Page-PUB
Forces Command, a Major Command of the United States Army, is reinventing the entire command through increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Framework for Business Process Research, A
"The fundamental constituent of all business processes affecting competitiveness is the flow of knowledge between organisations and therefore the key process is that of knowledge acquisition and use within firms."

From Reengineering to E-Engineering
Companies large and small are racing to revamp operations for the Internet Age

Future Role of IT in Reengineering
1999 benchmarking study on the role of IT during organizational change and how to improve working relationships between IT and operational managers.

Geary Rummler Discusses Training and Consequences
Geary Rummler, Ph.D., is a pioneer in the application of instructional and performance technologies to organizations. ER Editor Randy Barrett conducted this interview.

Government Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Readiness Assessment

Herndon: The Town That Follows Its Own Good Sense
By Cynthia Barnes Leslie
The Fairfax County town is one of the first municipalities of its size in the country to implement BPR and has even beaten much larger Virginia municipalities. The town of Herndon may be just 4.28 square miles, but a combination of sensible choices and sound management has made it a leader in reengineering. What makes Herndon's story more interesting is that the town backed into business process reengineering without even knowing it. http://www.reengineering.com/articles/jun96/town.htm

Hocus-Pocus of Reengineering,
Paul A. Strassmann; Across The Board; June 1994

How BPR Can Go Awry
By Thomas G. Cody
If reengineering is to continue in the long run, then it must do more than advertise its considerable successes to date. It must become more proactive and inclusive with regard to human, organizational and motivational change issues. Three real-life, but disguised illustrations from the author’s experience may suggest some practical ideas for harnessing human resources and organizational forces in reengineering efforts.

How to Lose a BPR Contract to Competitors
By Martin R. Smith
Winning a business process reengineering contract isn't easy. It can be a lot harder if you're depending on fast talk to cover a weakness in capabilities.

How to Measure Success: Uncovering The Secrets Of Effective Metrics.

Human and Organisational Aspects of Business Process Reengineering
"The principal aim was to gather and collate information from the literature and from leading researchers, consultants and practitioners with the objective of identifying and delineating the major human and organisational aspects of Business Process Management."

Human Re-engineering
Change management or reengineering is considered an effective approach in corporate reorganization. Careful planning must be done in reengineering involving. . .

Human Resources: First Stop for Reengineers
By Larry G. Willets
More Companies Target the Back Office

Imaging a Way Out of the Document Paper Chase Scanning Plus Workflow Are Setting Trend
By Karen D. Schwartz
The benefits of going completely paperless.

Importance of "Being There",The
By Nancy Lee Hutchin
Consulting can be a tricky business. There are plenty of roles and skills involved, but the most important is the ability to keep a team focused and productive. That often means making an emotional investment in the project.

Intelligent Software Agents Are Still Futureware But New Products Show Promise
By Randy Barrett
When it comes to intelligent software agents, the brain is still mightier than the hard drive. It's likely to stay that way for a while. But the next generation of intelligent agents will be able to act independently, talk to other agents and, most importantly, be able to learn as they go.

Intranets Give New Life to BPR
By Geoffrey James
If you thought business process reengineering was a thing of the past, take a look at how a Mexican bank, a health-care network, and an insurer are using intranets to rethink the organization and improve the bottom line.

Introduction to BPR
Purpose: "Gain an understanding of what is meant by 'business process', and understand and contrast continuous process improvement and business process reengineering."

IPG Publications
organization processes. Articles listings provided.

  • An Introduction to Process-Centered Environments, R.A. Snowdon and B.C. Warboys Software Process Modeling and Technology, ed A. Finklestein, J. Kramer, B. Nuseibeh, Advanced Software Developments Series, Research Studies Press 1994. Unix document PC document.
  • A methodology for business process re-design: experiences and issues, D.G. Wastell, P. White, and P. Kawalek Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 3(1) 23-40, 1994. Abstract
  • Overview of Process Modelling By R. A. Snowdon, of ICL Processwise Portfolio Centre, Kidsgrove, UK, and Informatics Process Group, Manchester University, UK


Is Reengineering Dead?
The author says "definitely not" -- but supports giving it a different name.

Is Re-engineering Possible in the Public Sector?: A Brazilian Case Study (Kock & McQueen)
This paper describes an attempt to re-engineer a large public sector organization in Brazil. This paper analyses this case of "successful failure" and its implications for re-engineering in the public sector.

IT's Role in Business Process Reengineering Initiatives
By William Ulrich
Radically altering business processes within highly automated work environments typically requires modification to the information systems that support those processes.  This article outlines how to deal with this challenge.

It's Time to Reengineer Training
By Donald Shandler
Training is often perceived as a waste of time and money by both trainees and their managers. The solution is to improve the product and change customers' perceptions. This article presents an overview of the need to reengineer the training function itself.

Making a Go of It Alone: Egad! Some Companies Reengineer Without Consultants
By Randy Barrett
How a hardy few are bucking the tide and doing it themselves with internal process improvement teams.

Making Improvements by Hook or by Crook: Reengineering New York City's Probation Department
By Russ Linden
How the commissioner and members of his executive staff redesigned the process for dealing with probationers - a change that is now affecting virtually every aspect of the department.

Managing Multiple IT Projects: Process Reengineering

Many Virtues of the Virtual Office, The
Phone, Fax and E-Mail Create New Workplace Alternatives
By Stephen Bouvet
Now more than ever "going to work" means opening a laptop computer and firing up a cellular phone no matter where you are. Trendy techno gadgets make it possible, but the will of many managers to enhance worker productivity through "virtual offices" is making the trend stick.

Market, Technological and Industry Contexts of Business Process Re-Engineering in UK Businesses, The
"This report examines the practical context of Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) in UK business and industry."

Measure for Measure
By Nancy Lee Hutchin
Thinking you're managing a business smartly just isn't enough anymore. You need to know how well, or you can't make any real qualitative improvements.

A summary of Business Process Reengineering methodologies.

Model Management Approach to Business Process Reengineering, A
Levent V. Orman; Cornell University

Modelling the Organization: New Concepts and Tools for Re-Engineering
Eric S. K. Yu, John Mylopoulos and Yves Lesperance University of Toronto
In response to competitive pressures, customer demands and ever-changing regulatory conditions, many companies are fundamentally rethinking the way they do business (e.g., [Davenport93] [Hammer93]). During this business re-engineering process it is important to be able to clearly link production processes and organizational services to business goals and objectives. Artificial Intelligence in general and Knowledge Representation in particular can greatly contribute towards technologies that enable the modeling of organizations and the analysis of alternatives in support of the business re-engineering process.

Moral Organization, The
By Nancy Lee Hutchin
A dominating characteristic of highly successful, long-lived and adaptive organizations is a strong core ideology: a sense of purpose, beyond just making money, that guides and inspires people throughout the organization.

More About BPR
A careful examination of best practices or requirements for research administration.

Most Common Business Reengineering Success Factors and Pitfalls, The
Summarizes common mistakes observed by the author

National Performance Review U.S. Department of the Interior Re-engineering Laboratory

New Electronic Interprise Paradigm, The
By Stowe Boyd
Electronic commerce is just about the brightest rising star in the business firmament. Business process is another.

Newest Pet Rock Needs a Firm Foundation
Process re-engineering is on its way to becoming the latest pet rock of management techniques.

Next Wave: Re-engineering for Growth, The
By Bud Moeller, Jeffrey S. Tucker, and John Devereaux
The first waved of re-engineering emphasized cost. The next wave focuses on eliminating unnecessary expense while improving quality, speed and service.

NIH Reinvention Activities : Status Report
"This is an update on the progress of the NIH reinvention activities."

Object-Orient Business Process Reengineering
A Practical Introduction to Business Process Reengineering powered with Object Oriented Analysis. Why Combine Business Process Reengineering with Object Oriented Analysis?

Organisational Redesign
This paper provides an overview of types of organisations, the reasons for a strategic review of them, the method of doing so Business Process Re-engineering (Organisational Design), and some of the problems.

Out of the ashes.
A view of Business Process Reengineering AFTER the event.

Page From the Corporate Sector: Re-Engineering The Business of Academia, A

Partnering for Results: A Case Study of Re-engineering, the Corning Way
By Roger G. Ackerman and Gary L. Neilson
How do you institute real change while preserving a company's culture? Corning Incorporated did it by starting at the top and by creating a partnership to transform itself through a comprehensive reassessment of its existing cost and hopes for growth.

People Factor, The
"In reengineering efforts, it can be the employees-and not the technology-that make or break a project's success."

Planning for Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

Point-of-Care Reengineering: Health Provider Uses Infotech to Cut Costs, Boost Quality
By Steven T. Taylor
In the field of medicine, successful reengineering means understanding that only by marrying state-of-the-art information systems, medical expertise and consumer demands can health care providers perform the improbable: cut costs and improve quality.

PPR Initiative BPR of Knowledge - An Overview, The

Process Analysis and Design Methodology (PADM)
Compressed file that can be downloaded from IPG homepage.

Process Management and Reengineering (Seminar)
A snapshot of basic BPR terms, the theoretical bases, the pros & cons of BPR and lessons learned. The emphasis is upon the systemic basis of BPR.

Processes of Organization and Management - David A. Garvin
Modern organizations all too often suffer from isolated departments, poor communication, and fragmented work, making it difficult for managers to accomplish their goals.

Process Reengineering at GTE
Michael Hammer, co-author of "Reengineering the Corporation" and "The Reengineering Revolution" is among the acknowledged experts of process re-engineering. Dr. Hammer's work provided a model for process re-engineering at GTE Telephone Operations.

Procurement Reengineering


Progress Report: Pushing Ahead at the Patent and Trademark Office
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's reengineering activities

Pros and Cons of As-Is Modeling, The
By Dorine Andrews
"Should I use as-is modeling?" This question can't be answered until you first ask yourself why you are doing the project in the first place.

Quest For Process Reengineering
By Jay Varzandeh, Ph.D., CMP
The quest for "continuous improvement and process reengineering" has come to embrace a wide range of organizational decisions and concepts used for improvements in all manufacturing and service industries.

A Quick Reference for preparing a Change Management Plan
Change Management is an inherent element to any quality, productivity or improvement   project, and represents
modifications to the "way of living" inside a Company; as a consequence, it needs...

by Paul A. Strassmann; excerpted from The Politics of Information Management;The Information Economics Press, 1995

Re-engineering of Business Processes in Multinational Corporations
Prof. Dr. Michael Kutschker; Katholische Universitat Eichstatt, Germany

Reengineering Call Centers : How to Choose between Reengineering and Continuous Improvement
"This paper summarizes the challenges for call center managers today in the areas of operating costs, service levels and new technology, and discusses the potential for reengineering to allow managers to break out of the traditional cost vs. service trade-off."

Reengineering: a Customer Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire Yields Improved Customer Feedback
Customer feedback is important; however, often much money is spent on surveys with minimal gains. Wisely applied SPC techniques can lead to surveys that give more information with less work.

Reengineering and Dumbsizing: Mismanagement of the Knowledge Resource
Dr. Howard Eisenberg
To understand the reasons for the radical restructuring process that has recently been occurring in the most modern organizations, people first need to appreciate the underlying transformation of their environment. This is an unusual era of change…

Reengineering the Human Element At Work
Technology is both alleviating and creating stress for many people. It is clearly not the panacea we hoped it would be, yet our businesses can't live without it.

Re-engineering the Human System: A New Model of Personal and Organizational Intelligence
By Bruce A. Cryer

Re-engineering: Why It So Often Fails

Reengineering With Intranets
By Bill Gregory and Mike Reingruber
A look at a rapidly emerging technology that should be at the top of every reengineer's opportunity list: corporate intranets.

Reengineering Methodologies
Comparison of reengineering methodologies

Reengineering Organizations: Results of a GAO Symposium
In light of the Pentagon's efforts to streamline its business practices, GAO conducted a symposium on private sector best practices in reengineering. Five principles for effective reengineering emerged from the symposium.

Reengineering Reclamation: The Former U.S. Dam-Building Agency is Reborn
By Russ Linden
While many businesses and government agencies are still attempting modest reengineering efforts, the U.S. Bureau of  Reclamation is one organization that can claim success in totally reinventing itself from the top down.

Reengineering Success Factors: why do some projects fail and others succeed?

Re-engineering and TQM: Approaches to Organizational Change told as a "Tale of Three Villages"

Reinventing the Government (Government Executive)

Restorying Reengineering: Some Deconstruction and Post-Modern Alternatives
An academic paper (33 pages) on reengineering with some thought-provoking perspectives.

Revisiting Reengineering
By Art Kleiner
Heralded as the corporation's savior, BPR was later condemned as a heartless, failed management fad. But perhaps evangelists like Michael Hammer needed to go even farther.

Risk Management
New pressures and higher stakes are forcing companies to rethink how they justify and oversee IT risks By Lynda Radosevich and Cheryl Dahle

Road to Continuous Improvement: Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and Project Management, The
BPR efforts will not succeed unless effective project management tools and methodologies are in place.

The Role of XML in Business Reengineering
by Clive Finkelstein

Roots Of Business Process Reengineering, The
"Reengineering is certainly not a breakthrough in management thinking, but a convenient bandwagon on which management and consultants could readily hop in search of a quick remedy to unfavorable financial health of U.S. industrial corporations that had been festering for a long time. "

Safe Harbor in the Storm: AT&T Reengineers Customer Care Division Without Layoffs, A

Self-Assessment Guide for Evaluating Reengineering Projects

Serious Business of Fun, The
How to Have Fun and Do Better BPR
By Nancy Lee Hutchin
There are two serious issues related to BPR and fun. The first deals with how fun can be injected into the project itself in order to create team building, optimistic kickoff and synergy. The second looks at how the organization undergoing redesign can be engineered to encourage fun and benefit from the positive results that follow.

Site Selection: the Final Step in Business Reengineering
By James H. Renzas
Too often, reengineering focuses exclusively on evaluating how a business process should run and ignores the environmental factors crucial to its success. Relocation can present an ideal opportunity to maximize the rewards of a business process reengineering effort.

Some Hard Numbers On Reengineering
By Nancy Lee Hutchin
A review of one of the most outstanding examples of focused scientific research on BPR success factors which was recently published by the Journal of Management Information Systems (V12, N1, Summer 1995, pp. 109-144). The authors (Varun Grover, Seung Ryul Jeong, William J. Kettinger, and James T.C. Teng) focused on three pressing questions: What are the problems related to implementation of business process reengineering? What is the relative severity of these problems? How do these problems relate to the success of business process reengineering?

Special Section: The Impacts of Business Process Change on Organizational Performance
Hindsight is 20/20. Now, with a critical mass of business process change (BPC) projects concluded, it is appropriate to take a retrospective look at the implications, prescriptions, or lessons we can extract from these collective experiences.

Specific Examples of Reengineering From Literature
Several examples such as Taco Bell, Hallmark, and more.

Strategic Planning -- Internal Services Need Review
By Leland I. Forst
Any important corporate initiative should involve thoughtful planning. Few executives question the need for strategic planning to improve customer service and to make the company more effective. Improving internal staff service is vital because it can account for as much as 40 percent of a company's costs! Often such costs are buried in various operating budgets or lumped under the selling, general and administrative expense categories on income statements.

Study of Business Process Reengineering, A
Abstract by Kevin Lam
Introduces the Business Process Re-engineering, based on extensive references to the book "Reengineering the Corporation" by Hammer and Champy. It will draw out some questions about the absolute benefits of reengineering. At the end, the enabling role of information technology will be discussed.

Successfully Performing BPR

Supply Chain Reengineering: Concepts and Implementation
By Allan Gibson
Successful supply chain reengineering requires an understanding of various disciplines, such as information technology and business process improvement, together with the ability to mobilize and motivate diverse corporate cultures. Reengineering is fraught with risk, but by keeping some principles in mind, success is more likely. And the rewards are potentially enormous.

Surviving Mergers, Acquisitions, Consolidations and Other Natural Disasters
By Stan Lepeak
Commonly shared experiences and concerns for employees of large organizations, including a fear of being "rightsized" as a result of a business process reengineering effort, angst over job loss/degradation due to outsourcing and the likelihood of going through a consolidation as part of a restructuring or merger/acquisition.

Teaching About Reengineering
Thomas H. Davenport

That Letter Might Get There Now: The Post Office Is Delivering Mail Faster, Better
"The U.S. Postal Service - forever the butt of jokes and customer frustrations - is furiously redesigning itself. The results already show faster first-class mail delivery and better consumer satisfaction ratings."

Tinman Needs a Heart, The
By Rick Mauer

Transforming Your Company: Business Process Reengineering and Client-Server Technology Excerpt from Business Process Reengineering Slide Show

Twenty Key Elements of a Product Realization Process
"The Twenty Key Elements of a PRP, identified and briefly described. The full list of 56 Best Practices, identified but not described. Background information, including: task force process and participating companies."

U.S. News: Nissan's crash course in U.S. corporate re-engineering (12/21/98)

Vice President Announces New Breed of Government "Performance" Organization
"Vice President Al Gore has announced a new initiative to create business-like divisions within federal agencies. The new entities, called "performance-based organizations," or PBOs, will require some reengineering at the agency level and an uncertain amount of congressional action."

Visions and Strategic Plans: Who needs them?
"Is a vision and strategic plan something you should worry about? Or is this something only for an executive team or the top leaders of your organization?"

What and How of Business Process Re-engineering, The
The first issue of the Executive Business Review was written by Brian Fitzgerald, who has worked on a number of BPR projects and had a number of articles on his research published in international journals.

What Are Modeling and Simulation?
By Greg Hansen
Discussion of the basics of modeling and simulation and description of how these tools can be applied to different types of business analysis.

What Every CEO Needs to Know About Electronic Commerce
Get ready for another round of reengineering. Top 10 must-do action items for CEOs.

What is BPR?
IS/IT alone does not deliver benefits. Changes must take place in the way business activities are performed. Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is one such approach to producing change.

Wider Research context of Business Process Analysis, The (Coombs & Hull)
Report on the wider research context of Business Process Analysis w.r.t. the various theories about management, organization, production, etc, which provide the intellectual context for Business Process Analysis.


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