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Prosci Change Management Toolkit
How to create an effective change management plan - complete process, templates and guidelines


Prosci Change Management Toolkit Overview

The Prosci Change Management Toolkit is one of the most comprehensive guides for managers, project teams and consultants involved in change management. The toolkit includes detailed planning templates, readiness assessments and guidelines for building executive sponsorship and managing resistance. Templates include communications plans, training plans, sponsor roadmaps, coaching plans and resistance management plans.

Based on 14 years of research with over 2600 organizations, the Prosci Change Management Toolkit is a leader’s guide that contains templates and guidelines to help you effectively employ change management and write a complete and professional change management plan. Assessment tools and implementation guidelines will help you implement an effective change management strategy.

The Prosci Change Management Toolkit enables  you to:

  • Manage the people side of change, not just the business side.

  • Develop a change management strategy for your project.

  • Create a communications plan.

  • Actively manage resistance to change.


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"Prosci's Change Management Toolkit is the most concrete change management model I have seen. . ."  
D. Carlson

"The Prosci change management methodology takes the mystery out of change management. The Prosci tools and templates provide a tactical approach to plan and implement change."  
- Chris C., Fortune 500 Financial Institution


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"Templates are excellent. Content of information is great."  
- Debbie M., Aliant

Toolkit elements:

  • Change management overview - what is change management, why is it important, what can I do to manage change effectively

  • Assessments - tools for evaluating your change and your organization's readiness for change

  • Templates - critical document templates for planning and executing change management - provided on USB flash drive

  • Theories and perspectives - a practical discussion of change principles and concepts

  • Change management process - guidelines, templates and checklists for the entire change management process including planning templates for communications, training and coaching

  • Customization guidelines - change management should reflect your unique change and the organization that is changing - learn how to adapt to the specifics of your project

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Sample customer list

Allstate Insurance
American Heart Association
Banner Health
Blue Shield of California
Center Point Energy
Chevron Texaco
Coca Cola Enterprises
Cuna Mutual Group
Kaiser Permanente
GE Medical Center
Office Depot
United Nations
Wells Fargo
Wrigley Company


Prosci 3-Phase Change Management Process

Toolkit structure:

Preparing for change: Build a foundation for managing change. Examine theories and perspectives that impact how people go through changes. Assess your specific change characteristics and the organizational attributes that impact change management.  Develop your team structure and sponsorship model.

Managing change: Develop key change management plans: communications, sponsorship, coaching, training, resistance management. Create a project plan for implementing change management activities and learn how to use the Prosci ADKAR Model.

Reinforcing change: Assess the effectiveness of change management activities. Identify and overcome obstacles. Build buy-in and celebrate successes.

Change Management Leadership packages

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Why use Prosci's change management process?

  • Utilizes best-practices research with more than 700 companies world-wide.

  • Provides a best-of-the-best change model and structured process that is independent of any single company or vendor.

  • Designed as a proactive process to accelerate change and manage resistance before problems arise.

  • Provides tools, templates and checklists that are integrated into an easy-to-use framework for managing change at all levels from top executives to front-line employees.

  • Is based on a knowledge-transfer model that allows you to build your internal change management competency.



"Probably the most powerful and simple and grounded methodology I've seen for communicating business ideas."  
- Meredith M., Earthlink



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