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Leverage latest data and new research on cutting-edge topics like measurement, resourcing and budgeting, and integrating with project management.
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Gain countless insights with focused tips and suggestions that can provide support whether you are structuring your overall approach or customizing specific activities.
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Avoid mistakes and missing a crucial step or action by acquiring the foresight that comes from practitioners who share what they would have done differently.
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Plan concrete steps with actionable findings to guide both how you structure your change management approach and how you execute specific practice areas.

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2014 Report Details

The only report of its kind, Prosci's 2014 edition of Best Practices in Change Management  is a benchmarking report that will help you optimize your change management approach to achieve business results on change projects with real-world research. With data from 822 project leaders and change management practitioners representing organizations from 63 countries, you will learn what is working and what is not working in the field of change management.

  • Key success factors
  • What works
  • What doesn't
  • What mistakes to avoid

Topics include:
  • Communication
  • Sponsorship
  • Resistance
  • Methodology
  • Reinforcement
  • Team activities
  • Managers and supervisors
  • Change saturation
  • Portfolio management
  • Resource allocation
  • Building support for change management
  • Deploying change management
  • Integrating with project management


The most complete body of knowledge
available on change management
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Key findings from this report:

  • Success factors
    Uncover the 7 greatest contributors to the success of a change management program and the 5 biggest obstacles.

  • Correlation data
    See the correlation between change management effectiveness and meeting project objectives, staying on schedule and staying on budget.

  • Role of top management
    Learn the key activities for executive sponsors, as well as the most common mistakes they make when leading change.

  • Communications
    Discover the most effective methods of communication during the project, including a list of over 100 communication channels.

  • Resistance to change
    Learn the primary reasons for resistance to change and the most effective tactics to prevent and manage resistance.

  • Methodology
    Read about the "must do" activities for each phase of the project.


Over the last 16 years, Prosci has conducted 8 longitudinal benchmarking studies on managing the people side of change. The 2014 report is the most comprehensive to date, with findings related to communication, sponsorship and methodology as well as new sections on change management measurement and metrics, integration with project management, change management job roles, and detailed resource and budget information.


Geographic distribution of participants and characteristics of the projects reported on:


Report statistics

Participants: 822
Countries: 63
Pages: 250
Sections: 37
Figures: 248
Tables: 24
Price: $349

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Previous studies:

2011 - 650 participants
2009 - 575 participants
2007 - 426 participants
2005 - 411 participants
2003 - 288 participants
2000 - 152 participants
1998 - 102 participants

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Participants reveal the factors that contributed to their project success, past critical mistakes and what they would do differently on their next change projects. This is Prosci's most comprehensive study to date, with 822 participants from 63 countries.


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Questions that are answered in the 2014 benchmarking report:

  • What impact does effective change management have on projects meeting objectives, staying on schedule and staying on budget?

  • What are the elements of a change management job description?

  • Where is the change management group located in the organization? Where should it be?

  • How do you measure the effectiveness of change management?

  • What can you do when applying change management at the start of a project?

  • What steps can you take to integrate change management and project management?

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New sections in this year's report

New sections have been added to the 2014 report to expand the scope and depth of this work, including:

  • Expected trends in the discipline of change management in the coming five years

  • How the change management methodology was used

  • Effectiveness of particular types of methodologies

  • Rationale, steps and sources for internally developed methodologies

  • Sources and rationale for combination/hybrid methodologies

  • Guidance for scaling and customizing a methodology for a specific change

  • Accommodating for organizational culture in the change management approach

  • Action steps if change management is brought on late to the project

  • Most important skills for a great change management practitioner

  • Prevalence of permanent positions or job roles for change management

  • Duration of permanent positions or job roles

  • Organizational locations of permanent positions or job roles

  • Number of projects supported by change management positions

  • Annual salary of change management job roles

  • Career paths in change management

  • Change management team structures, effectiveness and rationale

  • Use of change agent networks

  • Use and sufficiency of dedicated change management resources

  • Factors for estimating change management resource needs

  • Use and sufficiency of change management budgets

  • Factors for estimating change management budgets

  • Components that make up change management budgets

  • Change management budget profiles

  • Prevalence of integrating change management and project management

  • Impacts of integrating change management and project management

  • Steps for integrating change management project management

  • Reasons for integrating change management and project management and reasons for keeping them seperate

  • Dimensions of change management and project management integration

  • Tools most commonly integrated

  • Steps for integrating change management and project management processes

  • Integration across the project lifecycle

  • Impact of project management maturity on change management and integration

  • Evaluating overall change readiness

  • Evaluating group and individual readiness

  • Measuring the overall outcome of applying change management

  • Demonstrating the value-add of applying change management

  • Measuring and reporting on change management effectiveness

  • Measuring individual transitions

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