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Now available in the Portal:
The PCT™ Analyzer

A Powerful Diagnostic Tool for Measuring Project Health.
  • Assess and track a project's health across its lifespan
  • Accurately identify weak and strong areas of a project
  • Identify specific risks for quick and precise corrections
  • Develop crisp, targeted next steps
  • Position change management as a critical contributor to project success

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Now Available:
Delivering Project Results:
Change Management Workshop for Project Managers

Designed for a project team or a group of project leaders or managers, this results-oriented workshop provides project teams with awareness of how change management can help them meet a project's intended outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

Connect project health to employee adoption
& usage

Identify change management needs for
the project

Create a common framework for
integrated engagement


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2016 Change Management
Training Programs


Global Training

The Prosci Global Affiliate Network enables global access to certified resources for Prosci's change management courses and materials.

"Very easily the best, most educational learning experience in which I have ever participated."  — Chris T.

Change Management Resources

The most comprehensive, research-based change management approach is available in two formats:

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Train-the-Trainer Program Learn about the Prosci ADKAR Model

 Prosci announces a Train-the-Trainer program that will enable organizations to:

1-day coaching course for managers. Our 1-day coaching program provides managers with the skills and tools needed to effectively lead their employees through change. Learn more.

ADKAR Book now available ADKAR Book

Free Webinars - Register for webinars to learn from change experts, share your own experiences and discuss challenges with peers.

Portfolio Toolkit
Organizations today are feeling the impact of change saturation and fatigue. Prosci's new Change Portfolio Toolkit provides a structured approach and set of tools for understanding, evaluating and managing a portfolio of projects. Find out how the Change Scorecard, Group Impact Matrix, Heat Maps and Portfolio Dashboard can help you bring a portfolio perspective to the efforts underway in your organization. Learn more.
New Releases Tutorials

Change Management Guide for Managers. This action-oriented toolkit is designed specifically for managers and supervisors, providing them with a structured process for leading change with their employees. Learn more.

The tutorial index provides links to free how-to guides for consultants, teams, leaders and project managers.  More information
Bookstore Register
Directory of books and how-to manuals to help develop your team strategy and approach.  More information Register with the Learning Center to receive free announcements, updates and tutorials.  More information

Learning Center Highlights:

With change management training, books, articles, tutorials, benchmarking and more, Prosci's Learning Center is the most complete resource for managing the people-side of change.

Prosci ADKAR Model - The Prosci ADKAR Model is an excellent model for Individual Change Management.  The model shows the phases that individuals go through in any kind of change - personal or professional.  The model is an excellent framework for business management of large projects, and can be used to diagnose failure, develop corrective actions and facilitate communication between key managers and employees.  A full text on the model can be found in ADKAR: a model for change in business, government and our community.

The Prosci 3-Phase Process - After two decades of research with thousands of organizations, Prosci released its 3-Phase Change Management Process.  Built into the process are scalable and flexible components for customizing your activities to the specific organizational change you are implementing.  The process is three steps: preparing for change, managing change, reinforcing change.  The full process can be found in the new Toolkit.

     Best Practices  benchmarking report
     Tools and resources for managing change
     Employee Survival Guide to Change - paperback book
     ADKAR: a model for change in business, government and our community - paperback book


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